Spring Tree Care and Preparation

Spring Tree Care and Preparation

Spring Tree Care and Preparation

As the warmer weather and new sprouts begin to grow, it is time to prepare your tree and keep them healthy throughout the season. Spring tree care is essential to prepare your trees for nature’s natural course. If you want to see your trees bloom into their best shape and health, consider the following tips below.

Assess and Trim Your Trees

Inspect your tree for any apparent damage or disease when it is bare from leaves. You will be able to see your tree clearly without its foliage, and you can use this time to remove any dead or unsafe branches or limbs just before new growth starts. Make sure to eliminate any winter-damaged branches or trees that did not survive the harsh winter season.

Clean Your Property

Take a trip to your yard and sweep off any leftover or fallen leaves from autumn. There may also be a few fallen branches that broke off in the winter that need to be cleared from the yard. Take care of any waste and general buildup from the winter season. Give your tree and all your plantings a fresh and robust start by giving them a clean surrounding.

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Prepare Your Trees for the Season

Prepare any tree you think will not survive the extreme weather, especially a storm. You can brace your tree or establish lightning diversion on your property or the tree itself. It is especially helpful for matured, tall trees.

Plant and Care

After the temperature has warmed up a bit, you can plant new trees in your yard. For added protection and care, place mulch around the new plantings to prevent weeds from taking over and maintain the moisture level in the ground. You can add fertilizer to the newly-planted tree, as well as the other live trees in your landscape.

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Spring Inspection

Make another inspection of your trees when they begin to grow leaves, and the weather becomes warmer. It would help you determine any water pooling around the tree’s base that can potentially result in damage over time. Be keen on any changes in color because this often means something is wrong with your tree. Also, be wary of insects and pests, or any signs of diseases, as these can start the decline of your tree’s health. Other trees in the area can also be affected by any disease or pests because they can quickly spread from one tree to another. If you happen to see any of these symptoms or deem something abnormal, contact a tree care service right away to handle the situation right away.

When it comes to your trees’ health, it is essential to give them the care they deserve throughout the year. You should entrust your tree’s overall wellness to licensed and qualified tree service to guarantee only the best outcome. From adding a new tree to your yard to trimming unwanted branches to removing a dead or heavily damaged tree, it is crucial to give the task to a company with extensive knowledge and experience in taking care of various tree care concerns.