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Software Development

Software Development

The share of IT services in the outsourcing market is 35%, while if we focus only on consulting services, the percentage of IT consulting is 20% of the overall number.

The demand for consulting services continues to grow, and its value is expected to reach $382 billion by 2025.  By comparison, in 2020, the value of IT consulting was estimated at $218.60 billion.

Enterprise rivalry is fierce in the contemporary age. It is one of the critical causes of IT consulting becoming essential for businesses that wish to grow and prosper rather than merely survive in the market. The IT consultants assist businesses of all sizes in adapting to impending changes and maximizing their financial gain by following trends, monitoring innovations in professional software development, and keeping tabs on emerging changes in the world.

Let’s break down what IT consulting services are and how they can benefit your business.

What is IT consulting?

IT consulting is a method of cooperation with software development experts who share their knowledge and experience to solve customer problems. IT consultants provide unbiased and independent assessments and make recommendations on a particular issue.

Since consulting as a service is often provided by a professional software development company, this type of relationship can evolve into software development or hiring employees from the service provider company to solve a software development problem.

The Benefits of IT Consulting

Software development consulting services would not have achieved such a reach if they did not bring value and results to the companies that use the service. Regardless of the problem for which you need consultants, the service has the potential to solve any kind of software development challenge and become a solution on the way to achieving your goals.

Cost Efficiency

Contracting consultants from other software development companies means a temporary collaboration until a solution is found. Suppose you draw a comparison with hiring an in-house consultant. In that case, the result comes at the same level but at a lower cost since you pay only for the service and are not obliged to bear the expenses associated with hiring an in-house employee.

Professional Vision

As a rule, the companies that provide consulting services in the software development field are involved in product development. As a result, they know the latest trends and modern technology, know the details of working with them, and can provide recommendations on using specific technologies and tools based on practical experience.

Reduced Risks

Hiring a consultant to help with a process reduces the risk that something will go wrong. Typically, consultants know how to implement new solutions without disrupting the results achieved and ongoing operations due to their extensive knowledge and experience in the technical part of the development process.

Tricky moments of consulting in software development

As is usually the case, where there are advantages, there are also hardships. This also applies to development consulting. Although they are few in number, it is worth being prepared to face them.


The software development consultant you hire will likely work with you remotely. Establishing continuous and uninterrupted communication in such situations is quite a challenging process.

However, suppose you hire an employee from a professional software development studio. In that case, it’s more likely they understand the importance of communication and already have the know-how to set up a well-oiled communication flow.

Time Zones

Time zone differences are by no means a pervasive problem, but they do occur when you hire personnel from another continent. If you choose to work with someone in a different time zone, be prepared to step outside your work hours to discuss any work-related issues with a consultant.

The Roadmap of Software Development Consulting Services

A tiered workflow is used in software consulting. First, consulting agents become acquainted with the client’s business objectives, develop a plan to attain the desired goals, occasionally implement the solutions, and then maintain them after launch. Each stage of this cycle is worth investigating in further depth to make the complete consultation experience obvious.

Preliminary Investigation

When a consultant begins a project, they start with the preliminary investigation, during which they learn about the client’s operations, compile and assess requirements and objectives, look for vulnerabilities, etc.

A separate paper with the information gathered is used to determine the best course of action.

After the customer and consultant agree on the specifications, the consultant completes this phase by deciding how to implement the recommended solution. Various options are available. The consultant may continue cooperating with the client’s development team while taking over project management. However, entrusting the development to the business where the consultant was employed is an alternate choice.

Regardless, the stages we’ll discuss below make up the development process, which is still the same.

UI/UX Design

Direct development begins with design. At our company, we prefer to create wireframes to eliminate errors beforehand, visualize the screens’ interface, and represent the user’s path for making a particular action in the application.

The main design principle is to make it intuitive and uncomplicated to make the user experience pleasant and effortless.


Next is the time for development. Developers compose the code, and QA tests it. At the end of a sprint, the product is loaded into the build and shown to the client for approval.

Release and Post-Release

Once a project is developed, it is released into the stores. The consultant’s work may be finished here, but the development process still needs to be completed. If desired, the customer can extend the consultant’s services to keep the customer’s team informed on the product so they can interface with it without difficulty.

Hiring a Software Development Consultant

Celadon is a software development agency with expertise, experience, and knowledge to achieve your goals. Our professionals know what technologies would be best for accomplishing the plans. They identify the drawbacks that prevent progress and adjust the development processes.

The unbiased approach of our professionals will help you achieve a competitive advantage in your business. Tell us about your situation, and Celadon will provide qualified IT consulting services.