Success plan

Sucess plan

Preschool is an important period to learn and earn skills. Kids will be undergoing tremendous changes and will learn quickly about what they see and how they see. This significant stage of their life must be utilised to acquire fundamental skills essential to be prosperous later in life. Active development like motor and cognitive skills could be acquired by kids ride-on cars or similar activities. Discover the necessary skills every kid should acquire. Help the kids to incorporate these skills into their daily routine.

1) Communication skill

Communication skills are vital in daily life. It lets the kid express their thoughts and needs independently and effectively. Poor communication leads to confusion and breakdowns. There are several ways to improve the conversation skills of kids. Role-playing tools can help a lot in it. Engaging with them directly, talking with them and asking open-ended questions are tips for improving communication skills.

2) Motor skills

Fine motor abilities help the kids to do their everyday tasks themselves. A significant task like brushing teeth, opening doors or washing hands should be done by the kid alone. Hand-eye coordination is important to learn these activities. Kids ride-on cars, building blocks, clapping hands and colouring and drawing are effective ways to stimulate motor and cognitive skills in children.

3) Self-defence

Basic self-defence makes the child confident and independent in today’s world, where safety is ultimately important. Daughters and sons should learn it. Many schools teach basic self-defence to kids nowadays, but parents should initiate to teach them if they do not.

4) Decision-making skills

There are so many decisions to be made in life, and taking an appropriate decision at the right time is crucial. Teach the kids to make sense of decisions through simple activities like choosing between ice cream or chocolate, blue dress or red top, reading or painting etc.

5) Plant loving 

Educating the kids about the importance of environmental preservation and the need to follow sustainable development will mould a natural lover who will grow as an asset for the planet. Get them to do gardening and cleaning the courtyard. Give the kids a portion of the garden to plant and explore according to their likes. Talk with birds and butterflies when the child is around.

6) Household chores

Involve the kids in cleaning activities in the house. Ask them to wash spoons and keep them in the right place. It will nurture in them the importance of cleaning and doing the household chores.

7) Critical thinking

It is important to analyse information in myriad things daily. Open-ended play will help the kids to improve their critical thinking skills. Let the children play with their friends or alone. Taking roles in the play will help the children formulate hypotheses, create new ideas and find solutions to their mistakes. These are important in everyday life.

8) Self-control

Focus and self-control can do wonders in life. Ask the child to follow schedules and routines, which creates focus, self-control, and security. Learn from what they expect every day. Sensory activities or reading a book can improve the focus. In a distraction-filled world, parents should help their children to slow down.

Follow these skills that would not be taught in typical schools and nurture them to lead a perfect life.

Author Bio: Ester Adams is a farmer of words in the field of creativity. She is an experienced independent content writer with a demonstrated history of working in the writing and editing industry. She is a multi-niche content chef who loves cooking new things.