Six Signs of Engine Failure That You Should Not Ignore

Engine Failure

Engine Failure

Like the body needs the heart to function, so does the car need an engine. For this reason, if your motor has a problem, then the rest of your vehicle becomes dysfunctional. Luckily, before the engine is entirely down, it gives some signs that all is not well. Identifying such signs early enough will help you avoid having the engine ruined. Additionally, this way, it is possible for you to evade inconveniences of a failed motor. Here are some of these signs that your motor engine will have, which means you should get to a shop or look for Tdot performance as soon as possible.

Indicator Lights

If you have one of the latest cars, then the vehicle has an indicator light when something is wrong, and the engine is of no exemption. That means that if your engine has an issue, then the lights supposed to indicate that there is a problem will be on. When the indicator is on, then visit the mechanic as soon as you can. Ideally, if everything still seems reasonable, then you can postpone visiting the repair shop. However, though this may seem to be a bit convenient, it may end up causing more harm than good. Therefore, ensure that you obey this light and postpone all driving until your car is repaired.

Presence of Smoke

As the adage goes, where there is smoke, there is fire, this is of no exemption when dealing with your car. For this reason, if you realize that there is the presence of smoke in your vehicle, it is a definite sign that all is not well, and the engine is the most likely reason. When you realize black or thick blue smoke, then this means that the vehicle is burning oil. That is if there is some oil leaking into the engine combustion chamber. For this reason, do not ignore any abnormal smoke coming from your car, especially if there is no smoke from your vehicle at a regular time.

Strange Noises

Having driven your vehicle for a while, you know the kind of sounds that you should expect when everything is fine. For this reason, when there are any strange noises from the car, you should be able to tell that something is wrong. The engine is one of the parts that you expect to have some sounds when there is a problem somewhere. You may realize some sounds when turning or when shifting to a different gear, among other functions. Therefore, do not hesitate to get to the repair shop as soon as you can get the engine repaired before it is too late.

Engine Failure

Engine Failure

Water in The Engine

Driving through heavy rains and heavy storms is more often than not inconveniencing. Although you may not have any water on yourself, the water that is collected in the car could get harmful to the engine. That is because if the water reaches the engine, it may bend the piston rod, which may damage the engine. Additionally, the water may get to the combustion chamber, passing through the intake manifold. After your car has been exposed to water, ensure an expert checks it before it’s too late.


Whenever you realize that your car is stalling, then this is a sign that you have an engine-related problem. That may make the car suddenly stop when in the middle of the road, and it can be a significant safety hazard. Additionally, stalling may cause minor hesitation, which may also cause accidents, especially if driving on a busy road. That means that you should visit the repair shop as soon as you realize that your car is stalling. Ignoring this could lead to more havoc that will be even more expensive to repair.

Decreasing Performance

The performance of your vehicle is determined by how capable the engine is. For this reason, if you have realized issues such as a drop in fuel efficiency, drop-in speed, or requiring warm-up time, among others. If you know that your car has dropped in performance, then there could be a problem with the engine. Insisting on continuing using your vehicle when in such a state could cause other issues that may be a bit more challenging to repair.

As a car owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that all parts of your car are well functioning. Your car engine is one of the elements that you should pay more attention to. Above are some of the signs to show that you should get your engine repaired as soon as possible. If your vehicle’s engine is suffering from one or more of these problems then it could be possible that your engine needs a total rebuild, in which case, you should read about newly remanufactured engines for sale here,