Should I Get Roller Shades or Blinds?

Should I Get Roller Shades or Blinds?

Should I Get Roller Shades or Blinds?

Many people wonder if placing roller shades would be better than keeping the standard blinds over their windows. Only a popular roller shade company can give you more information about the main difference between them. For many homeowners, getting a different window treatment makes them nervous. That’s why it would be better to know more about roller shades and blinds before you make your final decision.

Blinds vs. Shades: What Is Their Difference?

It’s not rare to see people refer to blinds as identical to roller shades and vice versa. The reality is that they are two different window coverings that offer you various completely variable features. Shades are marketed as a single-window covering that is made from delicate textiles and other foamy materials. On the other hand, blinds are window treatments made of several planks that could take positions from completely open to firmly closed.

Most roller blinds are available in wooden or faux wood material and can take a vertical or horizontal orientation. Lately, you may come across blinds that are also made from vinyl, aluminum, plastic, and bamboo that are modern and stylish choices for your window treatments. Interior designers also propose installing roller shades because of their ease to roll and effectively brighten the room.

Factors To Decide Installing Roller Blinds or Shades

As the experts debate over the supremacy of the roller blinds or shades, it would be useful to know more about the factors that will get you close to one or the other.

Easy To Wash And Maintain

People who live in the cities should clean their window treatments regularly. It’s a lot easier to clean shades using your vacuum, except for the persistent spots that need to be addressed by professional cleaners. However, cleaning the roller blinds is a piece of cake since they only need a wet wipe and a soft cloth to dry it up. Blinds are generally more manageable than shades in terms of cleaning requirements and processes.

Energy Efficiency

Lately, energy efficiency has been a major issue for homeowners. Traditional curtains offer nothing to your energy efficiency since they leave light entering your premises without filtering the UV radiation. In contrast, shades (especially the cellular ones) can stop your rooms’ UV radiation and thermal infusion during summertime. That could significantly lower your electricity bills. Roller blinds have zero insulation and usually leave all the airflow pass through to your house. They also have poor shading abilities. So, if energy efficiency is your primary concern, it would be better to go with shades.

Safety Profile 

Both shades and blinds have issues with lift cords. That’s because pets and toddlers could easily be messed up with them, causing injuries that otherwise would be avoided. Modern roller blinds come with cordless mechanisms. These enable users to have a remote control to elevate them and regulate the light entering the room. The planks would still have some connection cords, but the total absence of the lift cords makes them ideal and safe for families with kids and pets. Shades are also safe, and thanks to their compact size, they could be a little safer than roller blinds.


In the end, it all comes down to the individual costs for each window treatment solution. The initial price for the aluminum roller blinds is a lot lower than the one for the basic shades models. Today you can find roller blinds that cost anywhere between $300 and $450 per window, including their installation. On the other hand, the lowest-priced shades start from $650 and can cost more than $1000 per window, exceeding your budget.

Having roller blades could be more cost-effective and offer you a permanent solution to your windows’ shading problem.

Privacy Options

Homeowners would like to have more privacy when being at home. Roller blinds and shades offer the same privacy benefits in totally different ways. Blinds may only partially block your sight from outside, while shades offer total privacy for you and your guests. It still depends on the material of your blinds and shades to have the most high-end privacy when needed.


Getting the desired light in your room is what makes window treatments functional. Blinds are made of several planks that effectively decrease the amount of light passing through and reflecting in your room. Shades can darken your room a lot easier since they have a solid structure, but they are not as effective as blinds in keeping a mediocre illumination in your room.

No matter your choice, roller blinds and shades are the latest interior design trends to make your house look stunning.