5 Security Features Every Business Needs

Security Features Every Business Needs

Security Features Every Business Needs

If you’re an entrepreneur, there’s no doubt you want to protect your most prized asset, your business.

Keeping your organization physically secure might be a bit of a challenging task, although it is vital. If you don’t take the necessary measures to secure your business, you will be exposed to various physical threats, like burglary, theft, property damage, and even fraud and data breaches.

Instead of merely hoping your business won’t ever be the target of a malicious virtual or physical attack, be sure to install these five essential business security features.

Access Control

It’s crucial to restrict access to the premises as much as possible. In some cases, you might need no more than an access control system to secure entry and exit points. However, in other cases, it might be best to also invest in an automatic license plate recognition system. Moreover, if your business is a retailer, you should consider installing a people counter.

Even though a people counter won’t enhance security much, you can collect valuable data to boost business success. That said, Genetec can manage all your access control needs so you can secure your business effectively.

Video Surveillance

Security surveillance systems are nothing new. Installing a few cameras around the exterior and interior of the building can enhance safety dramatically. Not only can surveillance systems effectively deter most criminals, but these monitoring systems can also help identify suspects should your business be the victim of a crime.

While installing surveillance is important, it’s just as essential to mount warning signs on the exterior of the building to alert the public that your business is protected by CCTV.


Businesses are most vulnerable during the evenings and when no one is at work. So it’s wise to install sensors at entry and exit points, including any windows, to detect movement and set off the alarm immediately.

Data Storage

Virtual crimes are increasingly concerning for organizations of all sizes. Hackers can access sensitive data, and your business could ultimately lose a fortune in profits and customers in such an event.

For this reason, secure data storage is crucial. Additionally, your business must implement cybersecurity best practices, such as using strong passwords, using firewalls, training employees, opting for multi-factor verification, and limiting access to specific channels.

A Security Team

If you have a bit extra to spend on your security budget, it’s worthwhile to consider hiring a security team. Security guards can be stationed at entry and exit points and patrol the property day and night to deter criminals and keep threats at bay.

With this, if you can’t afford to employ, train, and provide equipment for additional staff, you can also consider relying on a security service provider to station guards at your business. Invest in high-quality surveillance cameras, access control systems, FBI-style communication devices, and motion detectors to fortify your premises. These gadgets ensure seamless coordination among the security personnel, enabling swift responses to potential threats and maintaining a secure environment. When depending on a service provider, you won’t need to worry about training guards or providing all the necessary safety gear and equipment.

Whether your company is a growing startup or an established medium-scale enterprise, it’s essential to secure your organization with physical and virtual security measures.