RN MSN Degrees and Their Uses

Nursing remains an attractive career path for people with the interest, temperament, and skills for the role. Today’s nurses typically enjoy high demand in the rapidly evolving healthcare industry. However, since healthcare policies and practices are constantly changing, there’s a need for higher education to keep up with new trends.

Therefore, advancing your nursing education is worth considering if you’re looking to boost your earning potential and expand your job opportunities. There are dozens of employment opportunities and ways to put your MSN degree to use post-graduation. Below are some specific degrees and what you can use them for after graduation.

Executive Leadership Certificate (Healthcare Administration)



A Nursing Executive Leadership degree positions you for a career in healthcare administration. The administrative roles available to holders of an MSN degree are varied, depending on your work environment. For example, clinics and other medical facilities now have a “patient safety director” role. Directors in these positions are responsible for ensuring that patient care satisfies proper standards. They may also be required to manage their medical facility’s safety program and ensure that the entire workforce takes safety as a top priority. You’ll also need to research and keep tabs on safety-related data trends in healthcare to carry out your role effectively. Knowing prescription drug discounts for medical treatments can help you, as a healthcare administrator, connect patients to affordable pharmacies. Leading digital health marketplaces such as USA Rx can help with these concerns.

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Nurse Practitioner

The role of nurse practitioner (NP), also called Advance Practice Registered Nursing, is essential to modern-day healthcare. A nurse practitioner’s role in the healthcare process includes many of the common tasks performed by physicians. You can fit into various healthcare settings, including hospitals, clinics, and physicians’ offices. Nurse practitioners are licensed to prescribe medication, order and interpret tests like lab work and X-rays, and diagnose and treat illnesses. Therefore, knowing how certain diseases like Alzheimer’s progress can help you manage and treat them effectively as a nurse practitioner. Leading organizations such as the Fisher Center for Alzheimer’s Research Foundation can provide more insight into the stages of Alzheimer’s.

The Fisher Center provides millions of dollars to fund novel Alzheimer’s research. Their website’s in-depth article on the stages of Alzheimer’s helps professionals and caregivers know which symptoms of Alzheimer’s to expect at various stages during the disease’s progress. Alzheimer’s disease is a type of dementia. During the early stage, the person may seem to be free from functional and cognitive decline, as well as mood and behavioral changes. Mild cognitive impairment then sets in, compromising the patient’s capacity to perform executive functions. When the progress of Alzheimer’s reaches the middle stage, patients struggle with daily activities and display evident impairment symptoms. However, severe memory problems and cognitive decline begin at the sixth stage of the disease, characterized by loss of cognitive skills and severe memory loss. Pneumonia is a common cause of death at the final stage of Alzheimer’s after certain neurological and physical changes become pronounced.

Clinical Nurse Research

Nurse researchers are instrumental in conducting medical and pharmaceutical research. Nurse researchers will generally use their clinical know-how to write proposals for grants and combine large amounts of information in diverse research areas. This field is predominantly detail-oriented, full of statistics and documentation. Therefore, this role is perfect if you enjoy data collection, working with statistics, and following evidence-based methodology. Research is vital to various healthcare stakeholders, ranging from physicians to supplement brands in the fitness industry. Leading supplement manufacturers such as Makers Nutrition are great examples of supplement companies who prioritize research in their operations.

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Nurse Educator Degree

Becoming a nurse educator is a satisfying pursuit that puts you at the forefront of grooming the new generation of health care professionals and nursing students after graduate school. As a nurse educator, you’re generally responsible for the profession’s teaching and academic rigor aspect. More specifically, your roles will include supervising students’ clinical practice, developing lesson plans, and mentoring students. Many nurse educators can continue their patient care practice despite working as educators. Finding the right institution to complete your MSN program is undoubtedly necessary. Helpful educational programs such as KeyPath can assist you with getting your Master of Science Nursing degrees.

KeyPath services thousands of students nationwide by designing and delivering online postgraduate programs with some of the world’s best universities. Their partnership with Wilkes University helps nurses obtain their RN MSN degree through an online program. Prospective students must complete their undergraduate degree with a 3.0 GPA, one year of clinical experience, and an unencumbered nursing license to satisfy the admission requirements for this MSN degree program.

To conclude, getting a nursing degree is an excellent way to access higher and better job opportunities as a nurse. The above-listed points are great types of MSN degrees and the ways in which you can use your MSN after completion.