Restructure your Organisation By Designing a Mobile App

Designing a Mobile App

Designing a Mobile App

The app has quickly become part of our lives; you probably spend an hour a week looking at free apps for your smartphone, we totally get that!

What exactly can a mobile app do for an organisation?

In this short article, we attempt to enlighten you on the ways a mobile app can boost the efficiency of any organisation.

    • Employee connectivity – If every employee has downloaded and installed the app, you can manage your entire HR operation through this secure platform; create a password protected employee section that allows staff to call in sick, book leave and register for OT. Of course, your employees must have access to safety information and you can deliver manual handling training via the app.
  • Automate invoicing – Your customers will be happy that settling their account is simplified, while the digital payment gateway is protected by bank-grade encryption. You will have a healthier cashflow if customers can pay via your app, plus they will save money. The app is fully scalable; The Flutter developer can create new sections whenever the need arises and you have a team of top technicians monitoring your network.
  • Health & safety compliance – Every single Australian business must comply with complex rules and regulations regarding health & safety; your HR staff can make best use of your app by connecting all employees and disseminating essential information. Full scalability is one of the benefits of using Flutter; your app grows alongside your organisation, keeping you compliant at all times.
  • Customer support – If your business offers customer support, a mobile app is the perfect platform to host your support network; user manuals are available, as are diagrams, video tutorials and tech data. You can even create an interface whereby a customer can talk to a service engineer in real-time. This could be a game-changer for a company with a busy service schedule; you won’t need those call handling agencies when customers can contact service personnel directly. Click here for information on business outsourcing and the 7 parameters involved.
  • Slick marketing & sales – A mobile app can be used in many ways; you have a direct digital connection with all your customers, which allows you to send rich 4k promotional content to your customer base. Indeed, for some companies, this is their prime reason to build the app.

The app design and build process begins with the client approaching a leading Flutter developer in Melbourne; this is followed by an informal Zoom meeting, when the client and developer discuss features, options and cost.

Digital storyboard

After the developer gets the data they need, a digital storyboard shows the interface and features; at this stage, minor adjustments are usually made and then the build is scheduled. A dedicated team of Flutter developers work their magic and before you know it, your app is ready to go online.

Cyber-security is always a concern and you’ll be happy to learn that your app is always protected.