Renting office space: What’s important to know before choosing one?

Renting office space

Renting office space

Offices for rent are the same as the much-discussed commercial spaces. They are available specifically for rent by companies and entrepreneurs. These spaces are located in commercial buildings that are meant to be the physical address of companies and offer them a structure for their work.

Therefore, they are useful for those who have a business and need a place to receive their clients. So, renting these spaces to set up your office is a good idea to make a good impression on your clients. So, read more about renting office space in the article below.

What are commercial offices for rent?

A commercial property for rent may contain an office for your business. Depending on the number of employees or people working at the property, you can choose a larger or smaller commercial space.

Leasing office space in Austin is a great option for those who need a good structure to house their company. This is because they provide a physical address that customers can visit. In addition, the company becomes more confident and recognizable in the market. You can sign up for a listing or rent space in a co-working center, thereby increasing the value of the company.

How does leasing work and what are the rights and obligations?

Leasing offices is a very practical way out for companies, less complicated than buying. In addition, it is possible to exchange the property when it does not meet the needs of the business. This is without having to wait for a sale and negotiate with buyers.

However, renting comes with responsibilities that come with the contract. For example, payment of rent must be made on a date agreed between the parties. In addition, the duties associated with owning a property are also the responsibility of those who rent.

However, there are also rights that the tenant has. One of them is to use the property in accordance with the terms of the contract and for the period described in the contract. That is, the property owner will not be able to change their mind and remove the company from the office.

Another right that the tenant company has is the preemptive right to purchase the property. That is, if the owner puts it up for sale, he must, first of all, offer his tenant an option to buy. A landlord can only sell the property to another person by telling them that there is a lease that must be honored.

This is a very good thing because if your business is doing well there, it may be possible to purchase the property permanently or stay with the new owner.

Of course, these are not the only rights and responsibilities that come with an agreement regarding office leases. That’s why a professional is essential when selecting and closing such an important deal for a company.

What to consider before renting an office?

There are several factors to consider when choosing an office space because this is the place where your company is most likely to be located, in short, your “breadwinner”. It is very important to treat this issue responsibly. To make the right decision, consider a few of the points described below.

The address

The potential office is where your team will gather and where your clients will need to travel. Therefore, it is important that it is located at a strategic and easily accessible address. Pay attention to the neighborhood structure and ease of access by public transport.


This aspect is also important for a good start. The size of the space should fit the needs of your business. However, it is worth remembering that if your team grows over time, there is an option to increase the area of the space. This way, you can stay in the same environment and develop your business.

Operating license

Many companies operate without this license, but if they have a public service, this can be a problem. The inspectorate is lenient in this regard, but if there is an incident and people get hurt on their premises, for example, the fact that the company did not have an operating license will soon lead to unpleasant consequences.

Office car parking

The convenience of on-site parking for both staff and customers is a must for any business. Garage parking is preferable, however parking on the street or in a municipal lot close by will do in a pinch. If so, you could try haggling for preferential parking conditions at a private garage close to your place of business.

Hidden costs

When renting an office space, you won’t get what’s advertised for rent. Find out what charges aren’t covered by your rent, and prepare accordingly. Utilities, building, maintenance, and repair fees, relocating, insurance, and value-added tax on rent are all examples. You should also consider investing in full coverage renter’s insurance.

Is a rental property consultant needed?

Both when choosing a property and when entering into a contract, it is very important to have the support of a company specializing in property consultancy.

The reason for this is the fact that with this intermediary in place, it is easier to deal with contractual procedures. It also ensures that the rent for the property is balanced between the parties. It is also important to ensure that the negotiation follows all the procedures and that there are no unresolved issues.

Thus, the presence of an experienced consultant ensures that the entire process is handled in the best way, from finding offices to rent to handing over the keys to the leasing company.