5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Use Pop Up Tents

Pop Up Tents

Pop Up Tents

Why do many businesses, both large and small, utilize pop-up tents when participating in events? The truth is these kinds of tents aren’t as expensive as one might think and there are many advantages to having one to advertise a company. Here are five reasons why you see plenty of businesses use tents as their marketing go-to for indoor and outdoor events.

Tents Stand Out and Tie a Display Together

When putting together a booth for a trade show or festival, it’s nice to have something that stands out from the crowd. Many other businesses will be using promotional displays to get the attention of passersby, so using a large tent not only grab people’s attention but also makes your booth visible from far away. People who aren’t close to your booth can still see your tent canopy due to its height, making it a perfect opportunity for marketing a brand. You can still reach people and make them familiar with your logo without them being right in front of your booth. Not only do they stand out, but they are the perfect thing that ties a whole booth together. Rather than having a hodgepodge of displays throughout your expo, a tent offers a clean and professional appearance. If you are outdoors, they also provide shade and privacy for your customers and employees.

Custom Printed Canopies Spread Brand Awareness

There are many kinds of tents seen at events, but a pop up tent offers the option for customization. Rather than plain white or stock color canopies, placing your brand on a vibrantly colorful canopy design instantly makes you more memorable and engaging. If you have a logo or slogan that you want to be more recognized, having it printed across a tent canopy reaches more people. Many custom pop up tents for events also have walls on the sides for even more personalization so companies can include a larger design that spans across the entire display. Some businesses include just a simple canopy design with their logo on a bright background color, but others might have the entire canopy and walls customized with a vivid, intricate design that really makes them stick out.

Durable Hardware Can Be Reused at Multiple Events

One of the main reasons why small and large companies like using these kinds of tents is because they can be reused due to the high-quality materials. Most tent companies use outdoor-tested materials to endure years of use in all kinds of settings. While it may also look like pop up tents are difficult to set up because they’re so large, a point is made to use materials that are lightweight for easy transportation and assembly. The tent frames are usually made from such hardware as steel or aluminum so they can be easily carried and set up by two people, depending on the size. While a tent might be more expensive than most other promotional displays, they are a great value because they can be reused repeatedly without any hassle.

Tents Are Versatile for All Kinds of Events

Pop up tents don’t just have to be used for indoor tradeshows, they can be used in a variety of locations such as weddings, event venues, outdoor festivals, etc. So even if you are not a business owner, chances are there is something you can use these tents for. Custom tents come in all sizes and have replaceable canopies to accommodate a range of occasions. A printed canopy with a logo can be set up at a business event but the same tent frame can be decorated with a plain white canopy for a wedding or party, whether indoors or outdoors. These kinds of tents are available in all kinds of sizes, ranging from large 20×20 dimensions to a smaller 5×5 size. This allows people to find a size that suits their tradeshow booth, street, or yard.

Plenty of Accessories Can Be Added for Further Personalization

Not only can the canopy of these tents be customized for spreading brand awareness, but businesses often add accessories to their tent display to be even more eye-catching. You might see tents with billboard-type banners that span across the front valance, small flags that attach to the tent, or side walls that cover part of or the entire side. Using more print space allows companies to include more information about their business and gives them a better chance of enticing customers from all directions and at different heights. It’s important for businesses to make an engaging display so people want to come over and see what they offer.

When attending events, you’ll see many businesses, whether it be an established brand name or a new, smaller business, use tents because they’re an effective way to generate interest and customers. If you have a business that needs effective marketing at your next party or industry event, consider using pop up tents to spread your message.