Protect email messages through end-to-end encryption

The openness of the internet poses the biggest threat to privacy during internet communication. Transmitting messages over the internet in any form, including email, which is the oldest mode of electronic communication across the internet, launched for the first time 50 years ago in 1971, is fraught with hacking risks. Despite the technological advancements that have eased communication methods, the threat to privacy remains in using emails.

By default, the technology of sending text messages over a network lacks the security to maintain privacy. Instead, you enjoy complete privacy when you post a letter by using the traditional postal system. But now that technology rules our lives, and we depend heavily on it for communicating with people in all walks of life, dependence on email has only grown over time. However, the security threat of compromising with personal and private information has also grown.

Trusting the service providers for message protection

To understand the security lacunae, you must understand the method of transmitting email messages. When sending email messages, we depend on some service providers like Google, Yahoo, etc., which are dependable enough to protect the messages from the prying eyes. All the major service providers use suitable encryption technology to protect the messages throughout their journey between several servers. Mainly, our trust in the service providers gives us hope that the messages remain private and protected. Unfortunately, almost half of the email messages transmitted do not have any encryption and are plain texts that make them most vulnerable to access by unsolicited persons.

 Understanding the risks

It is impossible to think about not using email messaging at some point in our daily lives. Hence the need for protecting our personal information and messages is critical. It will not be correct to rely too much on the service providers and take it for granted that the transmitted messages remain encrypted because the chances are that it is not. To ensure that your messages remain well protected, you must always use some third-party experts like Trustifi and leave nothing to chance by providing end-to-end encryption.

What is end-to-end encryption?

The email message transmission goes through various stages when transmitting messages from the sender to the recipient.  After the message originates from the computer or mobile phone, or tablet of the sender who presses the send button, it reaches the email service provider’s server for further transmission to the recipient’s server from where it reaches the inbox of the recipient. For complete protection of text messages during the entire journey, it is necessary to encrypt the data from the time it leaves the sender’s device until it reaches the inbox of the recipient. Proper encryption of data during every stage of the journey is what it means by end-to-end encryption.

When you can ensure end-to-end encryption, it will give you complete peace of mind because at no point during the transmission of messages can anyone read the messages. The confidentiality of messages remains intact when you use end-to-end encryption.