Pros And Cons Of Electric Scooters: Should You Get One?

Electric Scooters

Electric Scooters

Electric scooters have changed the means of commuting for so many people these days. In fact, during the last two decades, electric scooters have become one of the most popular and sold vehicles around the globe.

People love its eco-friendly, oil-free, and safe riding. However, some people hate its speed limitation, relatively shorter lifespan, and so on. Well, these varied opinions might confuse you. Electric scooters are convenient, easy to handle, and can help you reach your destination faster in the middle of the city rush. Thus knowing the pros and cons of electric scooters will help you quickly decide their worthiness.

So, let’s get on with it.

The Pros And Cons Of Electric Scooters

Like every vehicle, e-scooters come with definite advantages and disadvantages. Before you purchase one, you should realize these pros and cons for the better maintenance of the scooter with satisfactory performance.

Here, we will discuss the main benefits, usefulness, and disadvantages of the e-scooter.  For design, construction, and maintenance and to know more about electric scooters.

Pros of electric scooters:

Electric Scooters

Electric Scooters

  1. Eco-friendliness:

Perhaps, the biggest benefit of e-scooters is their eco-friendly design and uses. It doesn’t need any fossil fuel and won’t emit any smoke and fumes either. Thus, it contributes greatly towards eco-friendly commuting. Also, it won’t cause greenhouse emissions which is a great help to preserve our climate and nature.

Plus, its less noisy riding experience is both ideal for the rider and the environment. It means you ride not only an environment-friendly commuter but also enjoy a less noisy riding experience.

  1. Saves money:

Compared to any automobiles, including public transport, electric scooters is the perfect money-saving deal. The cost of charging a battery fully is much less than refueling your cars or SUVs from a gas station.

Plus, you can charge the battery at home at night without staying in the queue of gas stations. So, you save time, and time is money as well. Isn’t it impressive?

  1. Easiness in use:

Another user’s perspective for using electric scooters is their easiness and convenience in use. Compared to cars and motorcycles, you can learn to ride an e-scooter with relative ease.  It also needs a shorter time to learn to ride these scooters.

So, you will love its usability. What’s more, the console is easy to understand, and the handle is ergonomic too. So, you will love the convenience these e-scooters bring to your life for daily commuting.

  1. Ride through narrow streets and without a license:

Another practical benefit of riding an e-scooter is that you won’t need any license or special permission for it. In most countries and American states, e-scooters are street legal, and you can easily ride on them without any licensing.

Also, the sleek design of the scooter means you can ride them through the narrowest streets with ease. It saves time as you won’t face traffics, unlike cars.

  1. Insurance free-riding:

Don’t want the hassles of going to insurance company offices or filling up the premium? Don’t worry; the e-scooter frees you from such inconveniences. As electric scooters aren’t part of the Federal and State laws for real vehicles, you can safely ride them without licensing and insurance.

Thus, the yearly saving stays in your pocket, and it’s not ignorable either.

  1. Lightweight and practical:

Out of all vehicles in the street, electric scooters are definitely the lightest ones. So, you can ride and store these scooters without any problem. Most electric scooters will weigh from 30lbs to 40lbs, which is a miserly weight compared to the 2000lbs plus weight of the cars.

Also, the load capacity of these vehicles is appreciable. You can expect the vehicles to hold around 200-220lbs weight with ease. Also, the practical design makes maintaining and storing the scooter easy for all riders.

  1. Health-safe riding:

Since electric scooters are lightweight and have a pretty ergonomic design, it doesn’t put too much pressure on your feet. So, you are highly unlikely to feel any sciatic pain or stress even after regular rides.  Also, these vehicles have limited speed and so ensure safe rides on the busy streets.

Cons of electric scooters:

Electric Scooters

Electric Scooters

  1. Limited speed and range:

It’s widely accepted that electric scooters have a pretty limited range. A fully charged battery will offer you around 30 to 35 miles of range at best. On top of it, you are limited with its riding speed too. Your maximum riding speed could be around 20-25MPH. Many states in the US limit the e-scooter speed to 25MPH.

So, these scooters are suitable only for a short distance.

  1. Vulnerability to accidents:

Although many people won’t agree, e-scooters are more prone to injuries. It doesn’t need any driving license so that anyone can take the e-scooter on the roads. It increases the chance of accidents. Plus, young people often ignore the speed limit and traffic signals, with e-scooter contributing to traffic mess and accidents.

  1. Prone to thefts:

Electric scooters are lightweight and easily foldable. While this is a great riding advantage, the same feature makes the scooter an easy target for street thieves. Also, the e-scooter doesn’t have any proper locking system.

This further makes it easy for thieves to get away with your favorite commuter. That’s why we suggest you store your e-scooter securely even when you are in outdoor activities.

  1. Shorter lifespan:

You can expect a car or motorcycle to last for several years at ease. In fact, most automobiles will easily last 10+ years. But, electric scooters will hardly serve you more than a couple of years. It has overheated and overcharging issues.

Thus, you might not be satisfied with the durability and lasting service of the e-scooter.

  1. Only usable by one person:

Yes, electric scooters are lightweight and portable. But they have a greater limitation as well. Only 1-person can use the scooter. So, it is a burden for the streets, and also, the weight capacity is highly limited, around 200-220lbs.

Thus, it might not be a convenient means of regular transportation, particularly for bigger distances.

Final Words

Electric scooters have their disadvantages, and we can’t deny them. However, you can still get a greater service with these eco-friendly and economical means of transportation. Particularly for a short-distance ride such as groceries, parks, and nearby offices, an e-scooter is perhaps the greatest riding option you will ever get.

Nonetheless, make sure you follow the traffic rules and store your vehicle properly so that thieves can’t make a fortune out of it. Also, maintain the scooter regularly to extend its lifespan.