Productive Ways To Make The Extended Travel Restriction Work In Your Favour

Travel Restriction

Travel Restriction

Governments worldwide adopt more dramatic measures than others to control the global spread of the novel coronavirus COVID-19, such as blocking borders, barring tourists, quarantining foreigners, and refusing cruise ships from docking at their ports.

UAE has forbidden multiple flights, especially to and from countries with surges of COVID-19 cases. Amid these restrictions and extended travel bans, some citizens have still been able to stay productive when they were waiting for the lift of said restrictions.

With that said, let’s dive into some productive ways you can spend your time within the confines of your home or hotel room.

Dive Into Online Courses

Online courses have popped up almost everywhere due to the COVID-19 restrictions in every country, and online courses are the best way to teach people about many different things. Since online courses are now globalized, teachers and experts in other countries have found ways to share their knowledge and skills with people worldwide through these courses.

Something different, like lifestyle and interior design courses, could keep you busy for a long while. At the same time, you’ll be either learning about something new, rekindling your passion, or even discovering it.


Writing about your experiences and daily life can boost your productivity and help you stay motivated to do more things that aren’t usually in your rotation of activities. Every day, you will want to do something that differs from the past day, and writing down your thoughts and feelings about everything can help relieve any stress and anxieties.

If you own a blog, you can spend your idle time content planning and burn the midnight oil getting the work done. Aim to publish as many relevant and high-quality articles while you can’t travel. Revisit your archives, re-purpose content, find fellow bloggers, and turn it into a lucrative affiliate site.

Learn A New Skill

Have you ever held back on learning something new such as playing the piano or painting? That shouldn’t be a problem anymore with all the time you have. Learning new skills is a worthwhile experience as you aren’t risking anything to have a chance to discover new things that you could enjoy.

Enroll in short courses or watch how-to videos to acquire a new craft. Choose a skill that’s relevant to your interest, job, or business, so you could use it when the right time comes.

Practice Cooking

Tired of greasy fast food and the same old dishes from your meal provider? While it’s fun to order pizza from time to time, these lockdowns will tire you out of the same taste. This is where you’ll wish you have excellent kitchen skills.

Learning how to cook is an excellent way to make wise use of your time. Apart from saving a few bucks, it’s a reset button to switching to a healthier diet. Simple beginnings of watching recipes could also turn to a full-blown business in the food industry.


Exercising at home is a myth to many people. People prefer to go to gyms or even go outside, but you don’t have to be a full-on fitness fanatic to enjoy home exercise. You can choose to do simple exercises like sit-ups and push-ups or even follow YouTube videos of yoga and Zumba sessions.

All these options are way better than sitting in front of a screen all day being unproductive, and obviously, regular exercising leads to overall wellness. Also, those who stretched and broke a sweat earlier in the day would keep you burning calories and stay active throughout.

Become An Influencer

You can take snapshots and video capture your daily life for the whole internet to see. But with almost everyone turning into an influencer of random things, we recommend pausing for a while and go back to your thinking chair.

Strive to create unique content. Even if you could accomplish something that’s never heard of before, plan how you can quickly disseminate the idea to let the world know that you’re the first before the copycats start to play ditto.

Build Your Network

If you’re a professional or an entrepreneur who suffered greatly due to travel restrictions, this is the right time to plan your remarkable comeback. While architecting the blueprint of your retort, the lockdowns are the best time to build your network online.

Attend or host business networking events to meet new people or possibly find a business partner. Create social media accounts and join groups to gain more followers. When the right time comes to announce your return, the network you built will help spread the word about it.


Travel restrictions indeed caused detrimental effects to our lives, and everyone deals with their share of problems and uncertainties. Still, there’s a long list of things you can do to bounce back and the right time to do them is now.