Planning A Perfect Picnic In Los Angeles

A picnic seems simple – take snacks and a blanket and rest on the nearest lawn. But if you want to have a good time, this will require careful planning. How to arrange the perfect vacation in nature?

  1. Good company

Before planning the menu and accessories, you must decide on the company. There is a saying in Greece: “It is not important what you eat, but with whom.” This is really very important.

  1. Think over the menu

The ideal food for a picnic is grilled meat or fish, fresh or grilled vegetables, sandwiches and salads, and various berry-fruit combinations. A dessert picnic is another exciting idea. It can be pies or buns from a local bakery, homemade cookies, or fruit – everything that does not spoil in the sun. As for drinks, water, lemonades, or even light fruit wine will do.

More and more people in our time are thinking about the environment and the harmful effects of plastic. If this topic is close to you, choose the right dishes. A basket with glassware lined with paper will not be a burden to you. You can also use wooden or metal plates and cups.

  1. Choose the right place

Knowing the approximate location, you can decide what to take from food and drinks. Most places are suitable for a picnic: parks, mountains, beaches, or camping.

 The most popular picnic spots in Los Angeles

Everyone knows outdoor food becomes tastier, especially if you choose the right place.

Grand park

Located in the heart of Los Angeles, this park is like an oasis in the urban jungle. There are fountains, pools, lawns, and places for recreation. The park is ideal for those who want to eat outdoors but want to spend less than half a day on it.

Vista Hermosa Park

This park is another oasis among the gray urban architecture. The bench on the hill offers one of the best views of Downtown. There are picnic tables, cozy walking paths, lawns for active play, and a giant snake sculpture that kids will love.

Palisade Park

Palisades Park is a great place to watch the ocean and sunset. There are many benches, picnic areas, walking paths, more than 30 types of trees, a rose garden, and a gazebo entwined with greenery.

Venice Beach

The beach with the romantic name of Venice is located half an hour from the center of Los Angeles. The coastal strip stretches for almost five kilometers. Venice Beach is the most touristy and atmospheric beach in Los Angeles. Its highlight is the Venetian embankment.

Zuma Beach

If you are bored with the tourist beaches of Los Angeles, drive along the seashore to the north of Malibu – to Zuma Beach. It is calm, not crowded, and the water is clean and transparent. Locals usually come to Zuma Beach to walk on the hot sand and watch the fiery sunset.

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