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Many articles have been written about the importance of high-quality advertising photography for sales growth. This time, let’s look at how subject photography is priced and what factors influence it. But first, a little basic definition.

What is product photography?

It is one of the areas of commercial photography, where the photographer takes pictures of goods and products that his client produces and/or sells in his online store, retail chain, online catalogs, and even on social networks. The quality of the presentation of the products in these photos directly determines whether the customer will want to purchase these products.

How is the cost of product photography formed? There is no definite answer, because different customers may have significantly different requirements for finished photographs, but the general principle is the same:

Associated costs for props and other running costs

Of course, to this list, you can add depreciation of equipment, studio rent, taxes, advertising, website and hosting, work of an assistant, models, set designer, and stylist. If there is a need for on-site shooting – this is an additional cost for transporting equipment to the location of the customer and back. features many professional photographers and provides indicative prices for shooting different niches in product photography. For example, shooting a matte plastic will cost cheaper than shooting glossy metal pans. Sometimes customers come in who need to take “only” 3 photos of one item and wonder why it costs so much. The answer is simple – there is a concept of minimum order. This approach is due to the fact that even to shoot 1 frame you need to correctly build a light scheme that will perfectly highlight the object. And it takes time, which is the only unconsumable and most valuable resource.

Separately worth mentioning is the retouching of photographs. For example, if a dark object is shot against a white background it is easier to process than a gold ring, which has a lot of mirror surfaces and a multifaceted colored stone. Removing defects, dust, geometric distortions, dents, folds, etc. are additional time costs, which also affect the cost of the subject photo session.


Prices for subject photography can vary depending on many factors. On average, one hour by a photographer will cost $170. Below is a list of prices for a shoot depending on the type of charge.

Per hour

Such type of photography can range from $20 to $500, based on the photographer’s average hourly rate.

Per day

Renting a photo studio for one day will cost you about $400 to $1,000. In addition, the price goes up when you use additional equipment. The price may fluctuate depending on which studio you rent. 

By product

If you have plenty of the same products, better select this type. To be exact, it can cost anywhere from $20 to $100 depending on the number of products. The basic idea is to lower the total cost when shooting a large number of products.

The nice thing about this pricing plan is that the price gets lower as the number of products increases. So this is the best option if you need a large number of images per product.

Per image

As a final option, you can choose to pay per image. Depending on the total number of images, the price can start from $1 to $50, as in professional projects. More often than not, the price stays below the $10 mark.