Pendant Varieties: Models and Decorative Features



14k Yellow Gold Cornicello Italian Horn Good Luck Pendant Charm Necklace Man Fine Jewelry Gift For Dad Mens For Him

This gold pendant necklace is a very popular variety for both men and women, although this particular model is for men. Give it to a male relative for good luck! Made entirely of gold, this is an Italian horn, a symbol of good luck for the future. The chain is 33mm long, and the actual pendant itself is hollow, meaning that you don’t need to worry too much about extra weight around your neck!

This pendant and necklace are both made of yellow gold. The pendant is 8mm long. It won’t be intrusive in anything you do while wearing it. The pendant has a moulded ring in the top. A small clip of the same metal is attached to the necklace itself for your convenience.

14k Yellow Gold Guadalupe Oval Disc Engraved Pendant Charm Necklace Religious Medal Our Lady Of Fine Jewelry Gifts For Women For Her

This beautiful pendant is ideal for anybody in your life who is religious. It is made of yellow gold, and was cast in the mould. An image of Our Lady of Guadalupe is featured on the pendant. It is of the same metal, so it doesn’t stand out as an icon, if that is what you are looking for. This pendant will go well with a solid gold chain. The pendant itself is a very slim 1.60mm.

14k Yellow Gold Caduceus Pendant Charm Necklace Career Professional Medical Fine Jewelry Gifts For Women For Her

If there is a woman in your life who works in the medical sector, this pendant is for her. A beautifully worked caduceus – the symbol of Hippocrates – is cast in solid yellow gold. The snakes and wings are both engraved with markings. They stand out against the background of the pendant itself. The pendant is attached to a long unjointed gold thread, which then feeds into a ring. This is what holds it to the chain. Anybody will love wearing this unusual pendant!

925 Sterling Silver Pink Cubic Zirconia Cz Heart Pendant Charm Necklace Love Ful Fine Jewelry Gifts For Women For Her

This is a pendant among pendants! Any woman would love to wear this beautiful piece. A pink cubic zirconia heart is set in the middle of sterling silver. The outside of the pendant (and the moulded ring attaching it to the chain) are covered in a double row of small white cubic zirconia stones. This adds to the look of the pendant, and will draw attention to whoever is wearing it. The silver doesn’t overwhelm the paleness of the pink heart at its centre, making this a beautiful delicate looking pendant.

925 Sterling Silver Rose Quartz Pendant Charm Necklace Gemstone Fine Jewelry Gifts For Women For Her

This is a most unusual pendant. Where most pendants are mostly metal, this one only has enough in it to hold the stone in the chain.

A beautiful piece of rose quartz is the main attraction in this piece. It is absolutely flawless, and polished to a high shine. The silver setting curves over the quartz in a lovely bow. It offers just the right amount of contrast to make the rose stand out even more.