Outstanding Men’s Haircuts for Balding Men

Men's Haircuts

Men’s Haircuts

There are so many hairstyles for men, and there should be no point where men feel like some hairstyles belong to a specific group of men. However, sometimes you have to decide on the haircut depending on the hair you are dealing with. For instance, balding men may not have the privilege to try out certain mens haircuts.

The discussion on the most appropriate hairstyles for balding men may sound like a sore topic, but it is important since this happens and men don’t choose to go bald. Balding men can try so many haircuts without necessarily feeling left out. Check out some inspirations on mens haircuts that you can try if you are a balding man.

  • A Short Comb Over with A Temple Fade

This is the easiest of all the mens haircuts for balding men. This hairstyle offers a variety of styling options and looks stunning with any hair length.

For a shorter look that is most likely common with balding men, the sides and the back have a sharp fade, and the top reveals a neat, clean look. The definitive feature is combing the longer hair on the top to fall over one of the sides, which you get to choose. 

Combing over the hair helps cover up the disappearing hairline, which is common for balding men. You can complement the look with a perfect beard style if you have facial hair. A well-done beard helps balance the haircut and makes your facial features stand out.

  • Fashionable Hairstyle for Receding Hairline

You can play around with the left hair of the receding hairline to develop a defined style that sets you apart from the other guys. For instance, you can style the hair on the top into cute spikes and comb them towards the front to cover up the hairline.

When styling, ensure the style is defined and noticeable but should not be too stiff to avoid looking dull. Remember, if you are balding, chances are you are losing some hair; therefore, you should use the right hair products to give your hair the texture and volume it may be missing.Hairspray may help hold the hair in position.

  • Messy Side Part

This is the perfect hairstyle if you are balding but still want to maintain a youthful look. This style is easy to achieve as you are only required to comb your medium-length hair and come up with a side part that will help keep off the attention from the receding haircut.

This hairstyle is easy to maintain since the hair is best left messy. You can complement the look with a cute sideburn if you have facial hair. The messy hair creates an illusion of extra volume.

  • Balding Fade Haircut

This is the perfect haircut if you are confident enough and don’t mind showing off your receding haircut.  Balding is natural, and sometimes it has nothing to do with old age but is mostly about genetics.

For this idea, the styling is smooth, and the hairline has clear lines regardless of how receded it is. The haircut features clean fades on the sides, and the longer hair at the top is left untouched, giving it its structure.

  • Short Mohawk with Shaved Sides

This is a perfect idea if you have a square shape. The hairstyle idea helps draw focus on your jawline, making it perfect for those who want to show off their facial structures. 

The Mohawk may be minimal due to the receding hairline, but again, it shows that you are confident with the receding hairline. You can complement the look with your favorite beard style or get a clean shave if you look forward to showing off your facial structure.

  • High And Tight Haircut

Normally known as the military style for balding men. It is the perfect haircut if your hair is thin and you are working on covering that up. 

It is the best alternative to balding men who feel like they need to shave everything off. If you have a perfect beard, you can work on styling it well to get the attention off your hair. You can also shave off the facial hair to get attention on your jawline, which is the most masculine aspect for most men.