Outdoor pergola — a stylish addition to your garden

Outdoor pergola

Outdoor pergola

A pergola is a garden structure that can radically transform your garden. With its help, you can create a comfortable relaxation area, grow plants, or create an area for privacy.

Modern outdoor pergolas add unique charm and comfort. Let’s look at the main types of structures and what materials are best to use.

What types of pergolas are there?

A pergola is an element of garden design that will become a worthy decoration for your site. It can stand alone or be adjacent to other buildings, such as a house.

There are several types of pergolas. The main ones are:

  • awning;
  • tunnel;
  • arch;
  • folding screen.

A pergola can be with or without a roof. There are also options with an adjustable roof. You can create shade to spend time comfortably in the garden if necessary.

A garden pergola can be made in any style. You can choose a minimalist design or an original shape with additional decor. The extension must fit harmoniously into the overall style of your site.

It is also worth noting that a pergola should only take up a little space in your garden. The dimensions of the extension must be comparable to the site’s dimensions. If you decide on a small design, it will get lost among other elements. Plus, it will be uncomfortable. A large pergola will create a strong clutter.

I often use a pergola to zone a site. It is excellent for highlighting a place to relax and creating comfortable conditions. You can use the pergola for family dinners or relax after a hard day.

Additional buildings make your site much more comfortable. You can use a pergola to plant flowers or climb vines. Plus, having a stylish sitting area will increase your home’s selling price.

What materials are best to use for an outdoor pergola?

Wooden pergolas are quite common. It is an environmentally friendly and affordable material. The wood must be well processed. The sun, rain, and wind constantly influence the pergola. It would help to use a special coating to preserve the structure’s appearance.

This is why metal is often used to create pergolas. This fairly durable material does not fade and is not afraid of weather changes. In addition, it does not require special care and is ideal for creating various designs.

Typically, when creating garden structures, you can use a combination of metal and wood. This solution lets you get a stylish pergola that will be an excellent decoration for your site.

The pergola should not look massive, regardless of your chosen materials. At the same time, the structure must be strong enough to withstand the load from the plants. It is also necessary to correctly assemble and install the structure. It is essential to consider the characteristics of the sun’s movement, whether the side is windy, and the characteristics of the landscape. Therefore, it is better to entrust the manufacture and installation of this extension to professionals. Experienced specialists will select the best materials and suggest which pergola shape is ideal for your garden.