Optimizing Your Posts for Instagram Shopping



One of the most reliable ways to grow your business is to start selling on Instagram. Although it may seem daunting at first, you eventually understand how to leverage it to grow your brand and increase your ROI. With its business-friendly features, customers can shop items they spot on their Instagram feed directly from the platform. As long as you know how to sell on Instagram, half of your marketing campaign is solved. That is because the platform has so many potential customers.

But first, why should you sell on Instagram?

Visuals are powerful

If you do not know, about ninety percent of information taken to the human brain is visual. That means that if you’re not taking the time to present your product to your target audience in a sufficiently appealing way, you’re most likely going to miss out on making sales.

More than Twitter or Facebook, the Instagram platform is all about visuals. To close sales, ensure that you take professional and appealing photos. And show what is possible if a customer chooses to pick your brand.

You steer away from reach issues with other social media platforms

The truth is, Facebook is one of the most used social media platforms worldwide. Yet, it comes with reach issues. Due to the on-site ranking algorithm, even potential customers who have liked your page may fail to see some of your posts.

With Instagram, however, users can see your content as of when it got posted. That maximizes your chances of getting seen when you post them at the right time. With some forethought, you can post engaging content that will significantly boost your followers, hence sales.

Connect personally with customers

In today’s market, customers always feel the need to have a personal connection to businesses or brands they trust. And Instagram can help you achieve this. It offers an opportunity for true connection in that you can let customers in on your brand and understand them better.

You may use your images to let in customers on the behind-the-scenes of making your product and your operations. Ask about their opinions and let them know about new developments such as upcoming products. That helps your followers feel special, connected, and valued at your brand.

Increase familiarity and brand awareness

The more people come across your brand, the more they familiarize themselves with the same. Instagram will help followers be conversant with your brand, which means that they will most likely choose you over and over again.

Instagram helps you to soft-sell your product. And that is because customers will naturally choose brands they identify with. Making your product shoppable means customers will find an easy time purchasing your product. And this will save them time and money.

To optimize your posts for Instagram shopping, some of the tips to follow include

a) Ensure that your posts fit the Instagram vibe

Making a blatant ad when selling on Instagram will yield any results. You need to ensure that your content feels as natural as possible and pay attention to the aesthetics. That is because this is what the customer sees first.

b) Connecting with an influencer

Another way of selling on Instagram is by working with an influencer. That is because most modern customers trust influencer marketing.

That is because they feel like real people are using the products and getting results. And this helps to build credibility and trust around your brand and increase sales.

One crucial thing to note is that shoppers are smart. And will spot influencers who are not authentic. For this reason, you want to take your time when choosing an influencer. That will help you choose one who adds aesthetics to your brand, communicate value. And represent a true image of your product.

Do a thorough research when choosing an influencer. Ensure they know what you’re looking for and can deliver. You’ll also want to pay keen attention to the analytics to ensure the relationship is mutually benefiting.

c) Use multiple shopping tags.

Including multiple shopping tags in your Instagram posts will make it effortless for your followers to browse your products.

d) Activate the shop page

Finally, you will need to activate the ‘shop’ tab on your Instagram business profile. That will help group products you’re selling on Instagram in a single tab for your followers to discover and shop.