10 Opportunities Open If You Have An Accounting Degree

Accounting Degree

Accounting Degree

The field of finance is vast and may present many job opportunities for degree holders in accounting and bookkeeping course. There are roles in the industry where analysts, consultants, and leadership opportunities are open to competent people.

The finance industry is extensive, from complying and completing financial statements, computing and creating regulations for taxes, to overseeing a team of accountants.

Potential Employers

There are different employment sectors in corporate finance, which may include the following list.

  • Accounting Firms
  • High Street Banks
  • Management Consultancies
  • Investment Banks
  • Insurance Companies
  • Building Societies

Careers For Accounting And Bookkeeping Courses

Financial professions in the financial field can vary from bookkeepers to financial analysts and more. Below are a few examples of careers that are available for people with an accounting degree.

1. Bookkeeping

It is an entry-level job where it can serve as the foundation for building a professional career in accounting. It entails accounting for financial documents, such as expenses, income, invoices, and other transactions that include monetary or valuable goods or services.

2. Financial Advisor

These are advisors that people look for to help with their money. Specifically, they ask for reasonable advice regarding handling money, like investing, paying mortgages, estate planning, retirement, and savings. Advisors are more likely to befit this role with a bachelor’s degree in finance, economics, or accountancy.

3. Accountant

Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) work exclusively in taxes and accounting documents, including legal disclosure. Their position requires working in corporate settings, the government, auditing for private institutions, or an organization.

4. Staff Accountant

Like bookkeeping, staff accountants perform tasks such as preparing ledger entries, generating financial statements, and monitoring accounts. Mainly, they assist senior accountants in preparing, auditing, and accomplishing financial requirements. Intuit is actively recruiting for remote tax preparer roles if you’re looking to advance your career in the accounting and tax industry.

5. External and Internal Auditor

An external auditor is an independent contractor auditing work for the government, private or public organizations, and companies. Meanwhile, an internal auditor is hired by an executive of an organization or company to receive and investigate financial records, monitor accounts, and audit existing financial records.

6. Cost Accountant

These are accountants that take charge of the expenses spent in a company. They keep a close eye on the costs relating to labor, materials, production, administration, and all aspects that lead to expenses. Through this, the company can follow the budget plan, avoiding extra costs they can be charged with.

7. Tax Manager

They oversee general accounting activities. Preparation of taxes, ensuring that the company’s operation is in agreement with tax regulations. It entails frequent research to be updated with recent laws or regulations changes. The job tasks may vary, but tax managers are likely to develop strategies for money-saving tactics that will benefit the company without incurring violations and losses.

8. Accounting Manager

They serve as the head of an accounting team or the spearhead of a firm’s accounting employees. The role includes staffing, hiring, training, and directing the junior accounting staff. Moreover, their tasks and workload do not stop at managing people. It may include preparing annual budget reports, overseeing long-term financial data, and creating policies.

9. Financial Analyst

It is comprised of buying and selling investments. They keep track of the trends in the market, as well as the financial market. Information on business decisions, analyzing risks, and profit increase factors are created based on market trends.

10. Accounts Payable Clerk

The main task of these clerks is keeping track of paying bills. It includes invoices and expenses, accounting for the amount paid, and handling money. These skills must include a high aptitude in mathematics and analysis and good communication with clients.


The accounting and finance course programs are not limited to banks and accounting jobs only. The field of finance is vast and can offer many other positions. Ranging from entry-level to intermediate and controller roles can be offered depending on the tenure of employees. Knowing many finance careers is a great way to find diverse jobs that can fit any finance-related discipline.