Online Giving: 3 Innovative Ways to Support Charity Through Social Media

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Social Media

Today Social media is a powerful tool in the hands of everyone which can be used to usher a positive and widespread change, as it does not only help to have a meaningful conversation with people but also helps to connect with millions of people with just a single click. Bill Kauth, who was a working psychotherapist and business consultant and also co-founder of the New Warrior Training Adventure which has now served over 75,000 men through The ManKind Project with 47 centers in 12 countries around the world. Bill Kauth rightly said, “A few people of integrity can go a long way.”

To keep going with this integrity, text message broadcasts, print ads, TV, radio and social media provide an extremely potent platform to spread awareness about various social causes and issues which can be eradicated by such initiatives. Here is a list of 3 ways in which one can use social media to show their valuable support for charities and issues they care for. You can also check text-to-give platforms for more information.

Write a Blog Post:

Blogging is one of the easiest and most effective ways through which any cause can be helped, owing to the fact that everyone has an outlet for blogging these days, it can be anywhere from WordPress to Blogspot or an account at LiveJournal, or be it a blog on Facebook. By writing on various issues that concern the issue one is passionate about and feels for. This can be very helpful in spreading awareness with regard to the said issues. As when the people in one’s contact read it, it has a good level of credibility as well as influence on them.

For instance, recently, a group of green bloggers came together to raise individual $1 online donation by approaching their readers. The outcome was amazing as it helped many organizations such as Sustainable Harvest, Kiva, Healthy Child, Healthy World, Environmental Working Group, and Water for People.

Here, there is also an awesome opportunity to encash an opportunity in form of taking part in Blog Action Day, which is a one-day event held every year i.e on October 15th, where thousands of blogs take a pledge and write at least one post pertaining to a specific social cause.

Find Volunteer Opportunities:

With the help of social media, one can get a number of volunteering opportunities too. As there are many volunteering websites online, which offer volunteer jobs for adults as well as youngsters such as VolunteerMatch, having nearly 60,000 volunteer job opportunities listed in it and, which maintains databases of volunteer jobs and willing volunteers and offers jobs in the non-profit sector too. One of such websites is, which register willing volunteers and educate them to help during disasters. Similarly, is a website for young teenage volunteers willing to help their communities.

Follow Charities on Social Networks:

In addition to writing blogs and contributing through various volunteering opportunities, one should consider a simple yet powerful way to donate to children’s charity by following their social media handles on various platforms where they can be found active. This will not only help them increase the size of their followers but will also help them to augment their reach. As when such charities and groups post or tweet on any such social media platforms, information and other crucial details which can be about a campaign or a cause it can be shared further on through the social media by using one’s account as well the people who are conscious but not aware about such issues and happenings can be updated immediately to help further the cause by retweeting that post on Twitter, liking it on Facebook, or blogging about it.

To do the same it is indispensable to follow them online and keep in the loop and the essential updates so as to act on it and help the charity increase its reach by spreading information to fellow friends, family, and followers.

Here are some charities to follow on social media:

Oxfam America (Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Flickr, YouTube) The Humane Society (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, MySpace, Flickr) LIVESTRONG (Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, Flickr) WWF (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr) or ME to WE which is a social enterprise enabling people to do good through their everyday choices. WE Charity is another organization founded in 2009 by Craig Kielburger who is a social entrepreneur and the co-founder of a family of organizations to provide economic opportunity in WE Village communities and a sustainable source of funding for WE Charity, ME to WE has grown into a global force for good.