One Tower Limassol: At a Glance

If you love to live in a city surrounded by high-rise buildings, Limassol should be your prime choice. Limassol is a city of Cyprus. Limassol is situated at the meeting of the Middle East and Europe. Unlike Manhattan, Limassol is a less crowded city. You will find a number of sky-touching buildings, some of them are built completely and some of them are still to be finished. The weather there is gorgeous throughout the year. The people of Limassol like to believe that the sky is their limit and they will be building more in the coming days. Today, we will discuss One Tower of Limassol in brief.

One Tower is the highest building in Cyprus. It is situated on 28th October Avenue in Limassol. This building is still under construction, once complete, this building will be the tallest residential and the seafront tower of Europe. It will be about 170 meters long and will contain 37 floors. Let me give you an example to understand the present scenario. The current tallest building of Limassol aka the Oval is 75 meters long and offers 16 floors. Now, you can understand that the One Tower is nearly double in size as the Oval. This One Tower will rewrite the history of Cyprus property for sure.

Now, if we look at the apartment side, it will have 33 residential stories and 84 apartments in total. The area of the apartments will be 168m2 to 750m2 and each apartment will have two to four bedrooms. If we are to look at its offerings, we see a whole lot of amenities. You will get 24-hour security, indoor spa facilities, an indoor swimming pool, private parking, VRV (Variable Refrigerant Volume) air condition, central heating, Jacuzzi, pool bar, kids play zone and what not? It is true that you can enjoy most of the facilities in any five-star hotel. However, the view from the One Tower will be breathtaking for sure. The view cannot be found anywhere else. Moreover, it is very close to the marina and only a walking distance to the beach.

One Tower is the most prestigious real estate project in Cyprus. It was designed by the famous architectural firm WKK. The name WKK would sound familiar if you have visited Burj Al Arab in Dubai. Another renowned designer BuroHappold provides structural engineering design. HBA and Atkins also worked behind this gigantic project.

Cyprus is a business-friendly country. The Government of Cyprus offers a lot to the investors. The investors who buy property in Cyprus above the €2,000,000 government limit. They will qualify for the citizenship of Cyprus and a Cypriot passport. You know Cyprus is a full member of the European Union (EU) and this citizenship will allow you to work, study or live anywhere in Europe.

Finally, One Tower is the most ambitious project of Cyprus yet. It will attract a huge number of tourists for sure. If you are an investor searching for an opportunity, this would be a win-win deal for you. So, what are you waiting for?