NBA 2K21 Next Gen Guide – 5 Best And Fastest Ways To Earn VC In Next Gen

This is a guide to show you the best and fastest ways to earn VC in NBA 2K21 Next Gen! this year VC is needed more than ever before, you need VC to upgrade your player, buy animations, dribble moves, jump shots, and all their clothes in the game. these are just a few of the main things that you need VC for and you will not be able to do anything in this game without VC. but don’t worry, because today we are showing you the top methods to get VC.

Let’s start with a few of the methods that you can do daily or even weekly to get you a few hundred to a few thousand VC and NBA 2K21 MT fast.

#1 Daily Reward

In the previous 2Ks, there was the daily spin room where you’d spin the wheel and get your rewards. And in 2K21 Next Gen, you need to pull up the whole map of the city and find a little yellow marker. the four different affiliations have different daily reward spots. For example, there is a daily reward called the wildcats daily reward, and it’s very simple, just go up there and spin the wheel, and the rewards are quite versatile, the VC rewards is up to 15000 VC. but most of the time you’re not going to get 15000 VC, but once you hit elite rep, you can get a hundred thousand VC, five hundred thousand, even a million VC from spinning this daily reward. And noted that you can do the spin once every 24 hours.

#2 The NBA Daily Pick Em

This is also something that you can do daily to get a few hundred to even over a thousand VC very easily – The Daily Pick Em. Go outside to your affiliation’s apparel store, which is in your affiliations park. you will see this little stand that says Daily Pick Em on it. And press A to play the Daily Pick Em and it will show you all the real-time NBA games for that day. This is a new feature because the NBA season just started a few days ago. And after your selection is done, press X to submit. and you can either pick 100 VC for each correct pick or if you get all of them right you get 200 VC for each. After you choose your options, it says games in progress check back later, after all these games are done, come back to this machine. and it’ll check off and show you which ones you got right and which ones you got wrong. so if you don’t want to buy VC and if you don’t have a lot of VC, make sure to do your daily reward and do your Daily Pick Em. it’s such an easy way to get a few thousand VC each day.

#3 Watch The 2KTV

This tip requires you to quit out of the park and go to the main menu. this third tip is to watch 2KTV. during each of these 2KTV episodes that come out weekly, there are a bunch of trivia questions inside these episodes, kind of scattered throughout them. and if you get the answers right to these questions, you get a few hundred VC. now just to guarantee that you do get the questions right, we find a Reddit thread with all of the correct answers when an episode drops. Just keep on watching, there’s going to be more and more questions that can get you close to a thousand VC, maybe even more than a thousand VC for each episode.

#4 MyCareer 

The fourth method is something that you can grind out all day to get a lot of VC. And this is the MyCareer games and their endorsements. And you need to skip the prelude to get to the NBA. now the base amount of VC that you’ll get for each NBA game is about a thousand VC for just playing. Just playing a 5-minutes quarter and if you’re up by 25 or more points after halftime, it’ll let you swim out to end with VC. so when you’re in the game after halftime, go to quit, and press sim to end with VC. Remember only do this if you’re up by 25 or more, or else it’s not going to work and you’re not going to get the VC.

#5 Endorsement

On top of the 1000 VC that you can earn per MyCareer game, if you go to progression and then endorsements. And you can see that this year there are about seven different endorsements. so once you continue playing MyCareer, you will unlock all of these endorsements, and you’ll get some amount of VC per game and added it on to the already a thousand VC for playing the game in the first place. you’re going to be up to 1400 VC per game just from these endorsements. if you go into the menu and you press on Mobile One, there are other options too, for Mobile One, in Tier one is 180 VC per incentive. And you also can press attend a press conference about signing a new deal with mobile one. And after you finish the press conference, and go back into the incentive menu and accept payment, another 180 VC. Endorsements are one of the most overlooked methods to get VC every year in the 2K series. A lot of people just forget about them. It might be boring for you, but this is honestly one of the best ways to get VC in the game.

So that’s all for the 5 quickest ways to score VC effortlessly in NBA 2K21 and if you are short on some NBA 2K MT Coins, go check out for the Christmas Promo!