Myth or True: Travel Makes You More Creative



Traveling to a new and exciting place can have very positive effects on your mindset and mental health. However, can it also affect your creativity? According to published research, people who lived abroad tend to be more creative as the number of countries they’ve visited increases.

We can also exhibit a plethora of examples in the world of art where painters, writers, and composers traveled the world in search of inspiration. Is there a real correlation between travel and creativity, and what can you do to become more creative as you travel?

  1. Learning About Language and Culture

Given that we live in a post-COVID world, the challenges for traveling in 2021 are somewhat greater than before. This can discourage people from taking a leap of faith and visiting a new destination without the proper knowledge of what awaits them.

Despite that, one of the ways to develop your creativity while traveling is to learn about the language and culture of whichever destination you visit. Visiting France, Russia, Japan, or Greece for the first time can be eye-opening in regard to your creative tendencies. You can learn and subsequently use a new language while on the road and be inclined to express yourself through it.

  1. Journaling, Writing, and Blogging

Keeping a journal close by as you travel is one of the best decisions you could make. Journaling is the epitome of creative expression, and you can write wonderful texts as you go to different places. You will not only be able to jot down notes about important sights or things you’ve learned, but also write article-style entries into it.

These can be kept for the sake of posterity or, written into blog posts for online publication once you come home. It’s also good practice to keep the best translation companies review close if you decide to translate your journal entries into a different language. Your future self will be grateful for the initiative to pack a journal and write down the experiences you’ve had as they happened during travel.

  1. Sketching and Illustration

You don’t need an art degree to pick up a pen and paper and start sketching what you see in front of you. A simple notebook with plain sheets and several pencils are all you need to flex your creative muscles when you travel.

You can sketch people and places as they are or stylize them in a variety of unique ways depending on your drawing sensibilities. These sketches and illustrations can later be digitalized and developed further using software such as Gimp and Canva. The best part of sketching while traveling is that any illustration you create will be unique and your own and not some stock image.

  1. Various Types of Photography

Speaking of images, you can’t go on a travel adventure without a camera to back you up. Today’s smartphones can act as professional cameras, so you don’t need to invest in a DSLR camera. There are dozens of photography styles that you can pick up as you travel, including landscape and portrait photography.

Taking photos of sunsets, cityscapes, and people you come across can be extremely helpful for your creativity in general. The photos you take can be published online or printed and exhibited if you are proud of the final results when you come home.

  1. Visiting Galleries and Museums

Finally, it’s very difficult to find a major tourist location without a local art scene. You can visit museums to learn about the art of the past or galleries and exhibitions to learn about contemporary artists. Both of these will do wonders for your creativity and perspective on the world of art.

You will be able to gather inspiration, ideas, and courage to create your pieces, whether in illustration, photography, or other styles and materials. Every great artist started by learning from predecessors and giving the art world their creative stamp – nothing is stopping you from doing the same.

Creative Expression Inspired by Travel (Conclusion)

We can safely say that there is a clear correlation between travel and creative tendencies, especially if you are already well-versed in art or design. Make sure to head out prepared and bring a small sketchbook, journal, or a good camera to take advantage of as you go around.

Don’t be afraid to sit in a park or a coffee shop and create something handmade while having a drink and enjoying the view. If anything, locals will be happy to point you in the right direction and help you find interesting sights, galleries, or even local artist movements.

Bio: Melony Hart is a professional copywriter, travel blogger, and content editor with prior experience in marketing and graphic design. Melony’s career extends to working in creative agencies before she branched out on her own. She enjoys writing blog articles, essay publications, and papers on trending topics in the travel and design industries.