3 Must-Have Features for Time Tracking Apps in 2022


Photo by Jess Bailey Designs on Pexels.com

No matter what business is in question, we are able to improve it through various types of software. Among the types of software that enhance our work, time tracking apps are quite effective and simple ones to incorporate. These apps can work as employee attendance tracking software, a source of information, and an online clock. Regardless of the way we use it, here are some of the most important features we should expect from one such app.

1. Attendance

Among the available features of time tracking apps, a simple system for clocking in and out of work is quite important. It’s a simple feature but nonetheless one that does a lot of work for us. By having a digital showcase of our employee’s time spent at work, we can easily calculate their pay and get a proper look into their attendance.

Due to this feature, time tracking software works as an employee attendance tracking software as well. This type of software thoroughly assists with any form of problems we may have when discerning the overall attendance of employees. Furthermore, employee attendance tracking software can simplify schedule creation which is always a great addition.

2. Analytics

Running just about any business is always about the information we can gather. This information is used to understand, enhance, and monitor our business’ state. To gather more information, we can also utilize employee attendance software with a certain feature. That feature being analytics, which will show us the summary of our business’ operation on an employee level.

The generated analytics can quickly clue us in on the finished work and the speed of its completion. Knowing which jobs take longer or shorter amounts of time can help us understand the overall capabilities of our business better. This can lead to better management and more accurate estimates being given to clients. In this way, an employee attendance tracker can be used as an ample way to improve our business.

3. Timesheet

The aforementioned features were all about collecting data about your business and having the accuracy of operation inside the business. It is no different with this one. In fact, having time sheets can further optimize some of the aforementioned benefits such as tracking the amount of money an employee should be paid or knowing the engagement of an employee on a task.

This feature is timesheets, providing us with detailed and formatted details. Timesheets are capable of calculating work done by employees and immediately converting that to billable hours. Timesheets also generate appropriate templates that are then filled with information and delivered to you.

That’s not all, some tracking apps provide automated payrolls, immediately sending the appropriate sum of money to each employee rather than contacting you with the information. On top of that, they can be used for invoice processing which can often be quite time-consuming to do manually. It will also make the quotes we give to our clients more accurate because we will be able to take a look at our timesheets and discern how much money is required to cover all the costs.