Multi-vendor Marketplace Developers: What is Their Rate and Where to Find Them?

Multi-vendor Marketplace Developers: What is Their Rate and Where to Find Them?

Multi-vendor Marketplace Developers: What is Their Rate and Where to Find Them?

If you plan to enter a lucrative segment of ecommerce marketplaces, you’ll need a robust and competitive online platform to stay ahead of the curve. How to build a winning ecommerce space at a fair price and where to look for competent developers?

While the market is full of IT specialists, finding the right talent for your job may be challenging. In this article, we’ll show the average prices and guide you through the ways to build your marketplace cost-efficiently.

Multi-vendor website development costs

To begin with, you should know the development budget range you can fall within and the factors affecting the price.

The average cost of creating an online multi-seller store depends on several parameters:

  • Project requirements, including overall complexity, features and functionalities, third-party integrations, and more;
  • Technology stack;
  • Developer qualification.

The table below demonstrates the breakdown of developer rates according to the tech focus:

Technology Rate, EUR per hour
Magento Developer             40-60

Shopify Developer             35-50

Shopware Developer             45-60

WooCommerce (WordPress) Developer             35-50

React Developer             35-50

Hyva Developer             40-60

The total cost of the ecommerce platform development will range from approximately $20,000 to $100,000 based on the abovementioned factors.

Where to get qualified developers

The options to obtain talent for your job are diverse. From hiring a freelancer to cooperating with an IT company, you can choose any path that matches your needs best. However, you should carefully explore each opportunity to avoid potential pitfalls.

Working with individual freelancers can be less expensive yet risky since you can face a mismatch in qualifications, poor experience, compromised quality, and other threats.

On the other hand, there are several proven ways to minimize expenses while ensuring appropriate quality levels.


When you outsource a project or a specific task, you hire a company or an individual developer to perform the job for you. In this case, the overall project control is on the provider’s side.


  • Cost-efficiency, especially when outsourcing to regions with low labor costs.
  • Delegation of all project-related aspects to a third party.


With outstaffing, you hire either remote developers or a dedicated team. The recruitment takes place through an external service provider who looks for the optimal talent for your needs. The specialists you hire become part of your team for as long as the project lasts. You communicate with them directly and retain control over the working process.


  • You manage the entire project;
  • The service provider takes care of the recruiting and organizational aspects;
  • The team can scale or shrink according to the project’s needs.

WebMeridian’s outstaffing model

At WebMeridian, we believe in the outstaffing model as the most flexible and cost-efficient way to build a product of the desired quality. Webster Webmeridian, an ecommerce expert and BDM, asserts: “Outstaffing provides cost savings compared to traditional hiring models, flexibility, and access to specialized skills.”

We can quickly assemble a team of IT professionals well-versed in multi-vendor marketplace development. With the core domain expertise in ecommerce, our team can competently lead your project to superior results.

What sets WebMeridian apart?

  • Qualified professionals. We have a proven track record of creating ecommerce websites and marketplaces.
  • Efficient team arrangement. We’ll select the right specialists who will smoothly integrate with your project.
  • Comprehensive support. From goal analysis to post-launch support, WebMeridian offers a full range of services to ensure valuable outcomes.

In Conclusion

A reliable and appealing marketplace is necessary to create your own identity and spur your ecommerce business. We compiled this brief guide to give you the basics of multi-seller website development costs and where to find the appropriate specialists for the job.

WebMeridian’s team can help you fill in your talent gaps. With the focus on Magento integration, we’ll quickly assemble an expert team to build a multi-vendor marketplace that would propel your business forward.