Moving to Spokane, WA? Here is what you need to know

Moving to Spokane

Moving to Spokane

The Pacific Northwest is becoming even more attractive than at any time in history. The attraction stems from a variety of reasons, and among the most popular areas to move is Spokane, WA. Although Spokane does not tend to get the notoriety that Seattle does, it has some of the same features without the overbearing city lifestyle. Spokane, WA is smaller, but still maintains optimal personality and enjoyment for all and here are just a few reasons why moving to Spokane, WA should be on your bucket list.

A Big City with Small Town Feel

With an ever increasing population of almost 230,000 people, Spokane, WA is not classified as a small town. However, those that live here claim it has some of the same small town attributes compared to smaller cities, but much more entertainment opportunities. Residents here value community involvement and investing in local businesses, so you can enjoy much more of a community driven atmosphere than similar sized cities.

A World of Movie Sets

Walking around Spokane, WA can feel like you have been there before, but your feeling of de ja vu might not be based on actually visiting the city, but what you have seen on television and on the movie screen. Spokane, WA might seem like just your average city, but the location has been featured in at least 20 mainstream movies and countless indie films, so when you see a familiar street, think back if you remember it from Endgame, Toys, or Dante’s Peak, just to name a few. The city is full of character, and depending on what film is being shot there, a lot of characters as well.



A Unique Bit of History

The World’s Fair has been a part of the landscape since the first one was held in 1791 in the modern era Czech Republic. Throughout its long history it has been hosted in large cities throughout the world and attracted its fare share of visitors annually. However, not every city is able to host the event. Regulations regarding who can host range vastly, but it is largely based on the size of the location. Spokane, WA is actually the smallest city to host the World’s Fair. The year was 1974. The population at that time was just 170,000, but the fair attracted over 5.2 million from May to November of that year, so it is among Spokane’s most valued times in history and largely what put the city on the map for the world to see.

Like Father’s Day? Thank Spokane, WA

Holidays are fun and every June we celebrate our dads. This is a welcomed holiday for parents who regularly celebrate every aspect of their children’s lives. It is the one day each year where we celebrate all that makes dad who he is and we can thank Spokane, WA for making the holiday possible. The date was June 19, 1910 when the celebration was first held, so the next time the holiday rolls around, remember to tell Spokane thanks for helping you celebrate dad.

A City of Parks

In Spokane, WA, it is not difficult to find a place for a walk in the park. The city is full of parks, each with their own unique attributes. Among the most popular is known as Manito Park. This park features native flowers and perfectly manicured gardens. The greenhouses and gardens are changed throughout the year to depict seasonal flowers and hundreds of people work together each year to keep the park lovingly maintained for visitors to enjoy. Manito Park is a famous place for photo ops, picnics, or just strolling around taking in the splendor of this natural setting.

Where to Live

One of the first things you will have to figure out upon arriving in Spokane, WA is where you want to live. Temporary options are available in the form of extended stay hotels, but you will need to acquire more permanent accommodations. Generally, most people choose to rent a space for a while before deciding on a home to purchase and while you are renting, you can find it difficult to manage a smaller space. To help avoid clutter and enjoy your life in Spokane, WA even more, consider renting a storage unit. Storage units in Spokane, WA are affordable spaces to declutter your home without having to throw away or donate anything.

Theater and History

Throughout America, there are historic theaters that have been restored to their former glory for a new generation to enjoy. Spokane, WA has one of these beautiful, historical buildings and it is known as the Martin Woldson Theater at the Fox. The theater was originally opened on September 3 1931 and at the time, it was the largest theater in city. Over the years, the theater went into disrepair and in 2000, it was going to be demolished. However, the residents of Spokane, WA chose to restore the theater and it reopened in 2007. Today, some of the best performances are available at this historic theater, so be sure to check out their website regularly for what’s happening.

If you are moving to the Pacific Northwest, avoid moving to larger cities and instead move to a place that offers plenty to do and a small town feel you will enjoy. Community driven and forward thinking Spokane, WA is among the top cities in the state and they are just waiting for your moving van to arrive.