Moving house in Perth – Essential things to Consider



If you are have chosen to relocate, you have found a great new place with a top Perth rental agency, and you are ready for a new adventure and time in your life, you are likely now facing the practical concerns over moving. There is a lot to plan and prepare, a lot to think about, and sadly a lot of physical work ahead of you. Here are some things to consider so you do not forget anything!

Plan and plan well!

To get everything done, it can help a lot to make some lists and have a plan of action. There is so much to think about, both things to do with your old place, where to donate furniture in Perth to what needs to be done at the new place, that it can be overwhelming. If you need to feel on top of everything it helps to write it down when you think of it, and then you can cross it off once it is done.

  • Work – if you are leaving your job for a new one, how much notice do you have to give them? Do you need to send any paperwork or information to your new employees?
  • School and children – if you have children are their suitable schools in the new area, where and when will they move, have a visit to see how it looks and make sure the transition is as stress-free as possible for them. Get their school records sent to their new school. Involve your children in the process of moving, encourage them to pack their belongings and have a good sort out so you can donate some things, make sure there are local activities and facilities your children will enjoy.
  • Look for places of interest for you – as well as making sure there are things your kids can enjoy make sure you have what you need in the new area too. If you need a gym, or you have a hobby you want to pursue, make sure the facilities are there. A good Perth rental agency might be able to help you with what the community is like that you are moving to.
  • Think of your pets – this is a stressful time for them too. You might consider having them boarded or taken by friends the day of the move so they are not underfoot and they are not terrified of everything happening. Or if possible you could move the pets into a room in the new place and put a note on the door not to open it during the move.
  • Consider your old furniture – you might not need to take it all with you if the new rental comes furnished so what are you going to do with it? If it is still in good condition but you are not up for selling it, you might look into where to donate furniture. For old and damaged furniture you might want to consider hiring a skip bin.
  • Packing – some removalists offer a packing service so if you can afford that, do it, they come with all the materials they need and they are professional packers. Make sure everything has a label, boxes are not too heavy and that you only take what you need. Treat this as a chance to get rid of some clutter!
  • Doctor – do not forget to find a new doctor in your new location and a new dentist too. Notify your old ones that you are moving to.