6 Mobile Apps That Every Personal Trainer Should Use

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Eating good food is not enough for a healthy life. Exercise plays a key role in keeping you physically fit. Whether it’s walking or gyming, exercising regularly will help you develop good stamina along with improving your metabolism. 

However, for many, it is not possible to visit the gym every day. Moreover, to follow a consistent exercise regime, everyone needs a check on their fitness routine. This problem is solved by online personal trainers and apps. Another advantage is that a fitness guru will guide you as to the type of exercises you should perform to keep yourself fit. Figuring out certain exercise postures yourself can leave your body sprained. 

There are a number of apps for online personal trainers and choosing the right one to keep yourself fit can be hard. Therefore, after much research, we have narrowed down a list of the best mobile apps for personal trainers. 

6 Best Apps For Personal Trainers

Personal trainers need such apps that provide them with a multitude of trainers along with several exercise videos to follow. Furthermore, these should also provide nutritional and other health tips. All these apps have their own Softwares which is named differently such as Mevo Life names its Software as Mevo Software. There is an abundance of mobile apps available for fitness coaching with unique features. Mevolife is undoubtedly one of the best mobile apps to help you achieve your fitness and health related goals. To make sure that you are following the right fitness regime, there should be questionnaires and reports too. Considering all this, we have brought you a list of the 6 best apps for your fitness training. 

1. Nike Training Club

The first on our list of best personal training apps is the Nike training club. After choosing your region and signing up, you can use the app. It has a library of video coaching for every type of exercise. The best part is that most of them are free. Moreover, there are a number of fitness gurus to choose from all the best in their respective regimes. 

Another best feature is that they offer both trainer-led and whiteboard sessions. In trainer-led ones, you can follow the trainer’s video and exercise accordingly. On the other hand, in the whiteboard sessions, there are written instructions along with videos. 

To install this app, you do not essentially need a laptop, instead, it can be used on your phone too and is compatible with both iPhone and Android. 

2. Centr

Centr is an app developed by world-class fitness trainers around the world. Its subscription starts from as low as $10 per month. Moreover, it offers a 7-day free trial. You can cancel your subscription after 7 days if the app does not fit you. 

Everybody works differently. Therefore, tailored exercises are needed for good training. Centr provides you with personalized training plans, videos coaching, and nutritional plans. Moreover, it has a number of cooking videos and recipes to help you make a highly nutritional meal. 

Besides, you do not need to stick only to the personalized videos, you can take advantage of its several additional features too. Furthermore, if you are facing any problem with the app or your exercise regime, the support team is available at your service 24/7 and will help you in every way. Another interesting feature offered by Centr is online shopping which is absent in most personal trainer apps. This allows you to shop all the nutritional stuff directly from the app. 

3. Aaptiv 

Aaptiv is another personal fitness training app loved by thousands around the globe. It offers both individual classes and whole programs. You can choose between any of the two depending on your need. To aid you in your exercise, its videos are broken down into parts with instructions along the way. In this way, you can perfect an exercise posture easily. It also uses other media to explain the exercises perfectly. 

To make sure that its users have high morale while exercising, it also offers motivational audio tracks. Moreover, there are new workouts added every week so that you will not get bored of exercising. 

Lastly, it offers a 7-day free trial to help you choose easily without losing any money. 

4. Freeletics 

Freeletics is quite a good option for personal training. To help you choose, it offers both free and subscribed versions. If you use only the free version, it offers personalized training sessions along with several workouts and warm-up exercises. For those who buy the subscription, they get Al coach, progress tracking tools, and other exercises. 

Moreover, its exercise videos are explained in snippets with both audio and written instructions. To help you follow a balanced diet, it also comes with nutritional planning and support. 

5. My Fitness Pal

My Fitness Pal is one of the best apps for developing a good diet routine. This app has broken down the nutritional value of many of the common foods available in markets and restaurants. It helps you to calculate your calories to micronutrients. 

This app is perfect for people who are struggling with diet-related issues and want to maintain a good caloric intake. Its calorie counter will do all the calorie calculations for you with just a click. Moreover, it also helps you develop a personalized diet plan which is easy to follow. 

6. NHS Couch To 5K

Last but not least on our list of best apps for personal trainers is the NHS couch to 5k app. The best thing about this app is that it is totally free. You do not need to buy a subscription to get access to many additional features. This app is basically designed for running but offers other exercises too.

It offers a running trainer and celebrity motivational trainer of your own choice. All you need to do is sign up and choose your running trainer, after that the app will automatically download all the related files on your phone. However, here you need to work a bit more on your running regime. 

Final Word

Choosing a good personal training app is crucial to developing a good exercise regime along with keeping a track of your progress. Besides exercise, a balanced diet is also important for a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, one should choose the app that provides both exercise and nutritional plans. You can choose from a multitude of options keeping your needs and budget in mind.