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Travel nursing, simply put, is a concept that has helped address the shortage of nursing staff in different parts of the world. With travel nursing, nurses can take up short-time assignments in regions that require their services. There are a lot of traveling nursing jobs in Kentucky, as well as other parts of the world. This means nurses from different parts of the United States can take up these jobs, thereby providing much-needed medical services. As simple as this concept is, there are a couple of misconceptions going around about it. Below are a few of these misconceptions and what the truth is:

Regular Staff Nurse And Travel Nurses Don’t Get Along

There is absolutely no reason for hostility between travel nurses and staffed nurses. If anything, they all work together to ensure that everything at the medical institution goes smoothly. Without travel nurses, staffed nurses will have to take on extra shifts to ensure that the patients always receive medical care. This becomes stressful and overwhelming, and it may affect their job productivity. Bringing in travel nurses in that particular situation will help alleviate their stress since the travel nurses can take up the excess shifts. Eventually, there is a balance, and this allows for a productive environment. Ideally, as long as the presence of a travel nurse doesn’t pose a threat to their jobs, there shouldn’t be any problem. Look up the types of travel nurses to determine what type would be the best.

There Is No Career Stability

Firstly, it should be understood that the current demand for medical professionals in the world surpasses the supply. This means that there will always be a need for medical professionals in a different part of the world. That being said, this imbalance in the supply and demand allows for excess job vacancies, and that means travel nurses or doctors will always have jobs to take on. As long as a nurse is willing to continue to travel where the jobs are, the travel nurse can have a long-lasting career in travel nursing.

There Is Not Enough Jobs For Travel and Local Nurses

The concept of travel nurses was created as a result of a shortage of medical professionals. So if there were enough nurses in a hospital or region, there wouldn’t be the need to bring in a travel nurse. In other words, the invitation to a travel nurse to a medical institution simply denotes the presence of excess jobs. Therefore, in most places, there are enough jobs to go around for both the local nurses and travel nurses.

Travel Nursing Contracts Are Restrictive To Thirteen Weeks

Indeed, the standard time that a travel nurse use at a station is thirteen (13) weeks. Nevertheless, this is not completely unshakable. If it becomes necessary that the travel nurses stay longer at a job assignment, then their contract can be extended to reflect that. As long as the travel nurses are willing to extend their contract and the recruiter is satisfied with the services rendered so far, the timeframe can exceed thirteen weeks.

Travel Nurses Are Not Well Compensated

This is completely wrong as travel nurses have been confirmed to get more benefits than the staffed nurses. They receive a higher salary and get other attractive benefits like affordable or free housing, travel allowance, licensure reimbursement, and so forth. Because of traveling and working with different recruiters, they can explore different things. So, If anything, the benefits of travel nursing is the best.

Travel Nurses Miss Out On Quality Family Time

While it is logical to assume that travel nurses may not get the chance to spend time with their family because they travel a lot, that might not always be the case. One of the advantages of travel nursing is autonomy, which means travel nurses get to choose the location they want to work. This possibility allows the travel nurse to be able to pick a destination that is close to home, thereby providing them with lots of opportunities to visit with and consequently spend time with family.

When checking for travel nursing information, it is important to only consult with trusted travel nursing sites. In general, travel nursing is a good profession, and the need for it in society can’t be overstressed. So if you have been offered a travel nursing position in another city or country, considering all the benefits attached to it, you should take the job!