Mentoring Program at University of Phoenix Offers One-on-One Career Support to Military Students  

Student veterans face unique challenges as they transition into the workforce, but a mentoring program between University of Phoenix and American Corporate Partners (ACP) is providing them with critical one-on-one career support to help them successfully embark on a civilian career path.

“Veteran students face a number of unique challenges after transitioning from military service,” said Eric Ryan, Marine Corps veteran and senior director of Military Operations at University of Phoenix. “Their lives in the military came with a language, culture, sense of purpose and camaraderie. There is an efficiency and sense of professional competence that is expected of every servicemember and that does not end with our time in uniform.”

Furthermore, many veterans may have an illness or disability after serving in the military, which can bring a whole new set of challenges. Thankfully, if the illness or disability is a line-of-duty disability, then compensation and benefits may be due. With this in mind, Stone Rose Law has a useful VA disability calculator for veterans to help calculate compensation that they could be entitled to. This could help with University course fees and thus help to build a new and brighter future.

Through the arrangement, 9-11 service members and veteran students are provided with one-on-one career counseling from a mentor belonging to one of 100 corporations, organizations or institutions. Participants, called Protégés, realize a number of benefits from these interactions including a better understanding of an industry, connections to work opportunities and support in creating a compelling resume and acing an interview.

“We are grateful for our long-standing alliance p with University of Phoenix and proud that the Military Affairs team has made it such a priority to help student veterans pursue a path toward civilian careers,” said ACP Executive Director Colleen Deere.

Based out of New York City, ACP has a long track record of supporting the transition of military service members to the civilian workforce with both its nationwide mentoring program and an online network called ACP AdvisorNet that offers career, employment and small business advice. ACP programs have more than 22,000 veteran alumni.

Numerous Resources for Military and Veteran Students at University of Phoenix

University of Phoenix has remained dedicated to providing a higher education path to service members and veterans. The University of Phoenix 2020 Academic Annual Report found that 21 percent of the student population attended the military in 2020, and there are over 269,600 military-affiliated graduates in the history of the University. There are a number of supportive resources in place at University of Phoenix that meet the needs of military service members and their families including lower tuition rates. Military-affiliated applicants to the University are eligible for special reduced tuition rates and a resource fee waiver. In addition, flexible schedules and online courses allow service members to attend classes at times that meet the demands of their schedules and that will not be impacted by deployment.

University of Phoenix staff are trained to support military members. And through Prior Learning Assessments (PLAs), those who have served in the military can turn their valuable on-the-job experience into college credits, further reducing time and expense. For instance, military members who pursue a Bachelor of Science in Management can transfer up to 90 credits toward their degree.

Mentorship Program Offers Additional Support for Military-Affiliated Students

The mentorship program with ACP offers yet another key resource from University of Phoenix in supporting the higher education and career aspirations of military and veteran students. “While I firmly believe that a college education is a cornerstone to personal and professional growth,” said Ryan, “the ACP mentorship program can be the mortar that brings it all together. Building a career and long term professional success is a big task and ACP mentors help their Protégés figure out what is next and build a plan to tackle it.”

One student who benefited from the mentoring program is Grace Kim, who earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Management from University of Phoenix while serving in the Army and is now a Service Engineer for Microsoft. “My mentor was a great fit,” said Kim. “He had experience in the field, a really interesting and relevant background, and he had an awareness of challenges. I learned from him about corporate expectations and other data I missed while serving my country. He also provided access to a network of professionals in my field and even now continues to share with me professional opportunities to expand my skills and network.”

About University of Phoenix

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