Medicare Supplement Plans 2021 – What You Need to Know About The Aging Process



Here are some of the important bodily transformations that you can expect to see as your body ages.

The Bones

As you get older your bones will become thinner and thinner as they lose mass and density. According to the experts at Medline Plus, this can sometimes result in osteoporosis. Low bone mass can increase the potential for broken bones and this can result in problems of the back and lost height. While this is a more common problem in women, it can also affect men. It is always a good idea to discuss what can be done to prevent osteoporosis. Often the first sign of this problem is a broken or fractured bone that could have been avoided.

The Heart

A condition called arteriosclerosis can cause your blood vessels to become stiffer and this can lead to higher blood pressure. The walls of the arteries can also become laden with fatty buildup called plaque. When this hardens and builds up in the arteries they can also reduce the proper flow of oxygen through the body, this is called atherosclerosis. Both atherosclerosis and arteriosclerosis can contribute to the threat of heart attack. While it is not always possible to prevent all heart conditions associated with aging, there is a lot you can do to keep your heart healthy.  A heart healthy diet coupled with plenty of diet and exercise has been found highly effective at preventing heart related problems associated with the natural aging process.

The Brain

It is only common for people to have a harder time remembering details as they grow older and the capacity to assimilate new information and multi-tasking can also become impaired to a certain degree. Nevertheless, these conditions can go beyond simple confusion and memory problems common to most senior citizens and that is not normal. It is very important to have yourself or your loved one checked for early stages of dementia. Sometimes these issues are caused by treatable conditions.

The Digestive System

As you get older your digestive tract will get tired and run down from a lifetime of faithful processing and straining against foods. This may cause your stomach to slow down its functions. This can lead to digestive conditions, constipation, nausea and other pains and complaints.  To prevent these situations, the doctor recommends that you drink plenty of fluids and include many natural fibers in your diet. Managing stress is another important way to keep your digestive tract on point throughout your golden years.

The Senses

The aging process will dull the senses, and soon you may feel that your hearing, taste, smell, sight and touch are not quite as sharp and keen as they once were. Changes within the structures of the ear can cause hearing loss and also affect balance. A sharp decline in the amount of taste buds available will reduce the sense of taste and vision can dim to the point of needing eyeglasses to read and see clearly. The increased production of mucous will also affect the sense of smell and finally the sense of touch may feel less sharp as skin thins out.

The Teeth and Gums

Your teeth are protected with a tough casing of enamel that will wear away slowly over the years and this can increase the risk of cavities. Furthermore, evidence collected by the ADA, American Dental Association, indicates that your teeth become smaller as you age. This can make them less sensitive and therefore a proper diagnosis and treatment for cavities and cracked teeth can take longer to be applied and this can greatly increase the strain and deterioration of your teeth. Furthermore, a report posted in the 2017 Journal of Public Health showed how over 50% of all people over the age of 65 were suffering from moderate to severe gum disease. This nis made worse by many different medications that can cause dry mouth which increases the problems with gum disease.

The Skin

As you age your skin will lose the elasticity and bounce that kept it tight and fitting and will begin to sag and wrinkle. But, if you were faithful to protect your skin during your younger years you will be able to avoid this issue and look better in your older years. The American Academy of Dermatology suggests that you apply moisturizing products as often as needed and protect the skin from harmful UV rays with proper solar protection. Wearing a broad brimmed hat is another good way to keep yourself safe from the harmful rays of the sun. It is never too late to begin protecting your skin from the deterioration of the elements and effectively lowering the risk of skin cancer.

It is important as you grow older to seek out medical coverage tha will suit your requirements. Take a look at Medicare supplement plans 2021 to find the best plan suited to your needs.