Let’s Learn the Types of Mattresses and Their Differences



We can all agree that purchasing a mattress is a stressful decision. The situation intensifies when there are so many components to consider, such as size, firmness, and budget. Most of the time, understanding the mattress type is overlooked. Therefore, consider the following list of different mattress forms for added comfort.

Types of Mattresses

Memory foam

The first kind of mattress in the market is called memory foam. It hugs the body and ensures the spine, shoulder, and back do not ache in the morning. Foams provide support and pressure relief. Moreover, it is also available at different comfort levels. LA mattress in Glendale CA recommends it to side sleepers or those who share a bed with partners. It will not sink from the nocturnal turning and tossing.

Foam releases pressure from the shoulders and hips. It does not sink. However, the foam can warm up in the summer, so it is not perfect for hot sleepers.


The second type of mattress readily available in the market is called innerspring. The mattress consists of original technology with a traditional design. The innerspring mattress consists of springs or coils. These mattresses are long-lasting and accommodate the budget.

Innerspring mattress remedy back pain because of its spinal support. The mattress is for side sleepers or those who share a bed. Medical professionals recommend it for pain relief because it does not burden the wallet. However, some may complain about its firmness level. Therefore, innerspring mattresses are not for everyone. For those seeking the best mattresses in Australia, it’s worth exploring various brands and types to find one that matches personal comfort preferences and sleep needs.

Hybrid mattresses

if you are searching for a mattress that combines foam with the comfort of an innerspring mattress, then hybrid is the right choice. The mattress is the best solution having features from the previous two types. The hybrid mattress offers concentrated support. It also has different comfort levels that befit sleeping habits.

Hybrid mattresses are perfect for individuals who share their bed with partners. The mattress offers spinal, shoulder, and back pressure release. Furthermore, it also accommodates all sleeping positions. However, hybrids are expensive because of their advanced technology. You can look into financing the mattress as an affordable option.

Gel mattresses

Gel grid mattresses are upgraded forms of a hybrid mattress. These are firm but soft, so they will not hurt the back. The gel grid’s greatest advantage is keeping the spine healthy and aligned. Furthermore, the gel ensures a cold mattress throughout the night so the body does not overheat.

You need a gel grid mattress if you are a hot sleeper. These mattresses accommodate different positions likethe back, stomach, and side. Gel mattresses are the most expensive, so they will cost a pretty penny.

The Differences

Mattress typeLevel of FirmnessDurationPrice
FoamSoft to mediumEight to ten yearsMid-level to luxury
InnerspringMedium to extra firmFive to eight yearsBudget-friendly
HybridMediumEight to ten yearsMid-level to luxury
Gel GridSoft to mediumTen to twelve yearsLuxury

Time to Wrap Up!

Knowing about the different forms of mattresses is essential for purchasing the right mattress. Expert knowledge can save you from bothering the salesperson or back-and-forth return emails. Mattresses are a long-term commitment, so think carefully. The perfect mattress will remedy back pain and swearing at night. You will not complain of joint pains because of the mattress’s composition. Say goodbye to restless at night too! You can try the mattresses inside the store to test their firmness, structure, and sinkage.