Leading Praise and Worship Within Your Culture

Leading Praise and Worship Within Your Culture

Leading Praise and Worship Within Your Culture

If you are included in leading praise and worship in a non-westernized community, you may be overlooking the issue of whether you must transform your worship style to suit your culture. 

The church gradually affects most of the styles of leading worship in advanced nations. If you are in an emerging country, you mustn’t record what you listen to on worship CDs, but begin leading worship in your own culture.

Leading Praise and Worship is About the Lord

Opposite to what you might believe, leading in a developing country is not about westernizing your church! 

Admittedly, many beautiful worship songs have been superbly produced by the Western Church, and it is fascinating to play and sing the songs precisely the same way that you listen to them in recordings, but I do not think that this is what must be done.

Note: Leading church worship is about guiding people towards the Lord, and I think that the Lord desires to meet people where they are at and in their personal culture to influence their worlds. 

Pro Tip: If we proceed to use music as an explanation to include Western culture, and we are carrying to the people that the Lord instructed us to worship in an appropriate way, the process of the advanced nations.

If you are blessing and worship leading, this is your opportunity to explain to people that God is related to them in their culture.

Leading Praise and Worship is About the People

While I write this guide, I’m relaxing in a room in northeast India, where these gorgeous Indian people are singing songs that I remember but in their own language. 

Some songs are in English, but many of them are in a language that the people understand easily, and this is a piece of leading blessing and worship in your personal culture. 

Note: This form of music and worship, though, would not be out of point in any American, English or Australian church, and this method, I think that those worship leaders are deceived.

One of the tremendous challenges facing the early and ancient church was that much of the original writings were in Latin, a language that the familiar people did not speak.

Pro Tip: Still, beautiful, a worship song is; if the people have no knowledge of the meaning after it is practically worthless! 

If you are blessing and worship leading, and you need to make it appropriate to your culture, one of the initial steps is to change the words into a language that your people will follow.

Final Views

So if you are worship leading in your church, and if you live in South Africa, Eastern Europe, Asia, India, and South America, please try and show your own culture in your worship.

Note: It will make much pleasure to the heart of God, and also to your people and your nation. 

Western music is engaging, particularly to young people, I would recommend the two be blamed on the behaviors of your own culture with Western music to produce a different expression of worship of the Lord.

If you are leading blessings and worship, you are in the ideal position to combine words and music styles to produce a form of worship different from your culture!