5 Key Reasons to Hire Php Developers for Customer-Centric Business



Think of businesses that are known to be extremely customer-centric.

Chances are you did think of at least one of the following names.

  • Facebook
  • WhatsApp
  • Zoom
  • Wikipedia
  • Slack
  • Mailchimp
  • WordPress

Know what’s common between all these companies?

They leverage PHP for their digital presence.

Does the use of PHP make them customer-centric?

Not entirely.

But it definitely does help.

How? PHP developers help them quickly integrate feedback into their development process. And thus create solutions that meet real customer needs.

So can you just hire PHP developers and become “customer-centric”?

Definitely not.

Of course, dedication and commitment to understanding user feedback cannot be discounted.

But hiring PHP developers is a good enough start.


Why are PHP developers great for customer-centric businesses?

Below we will discuss the 5 key reasons to hire PHP developers in detail.

5 ways PHP developers can help customer-centric businesses

  1. Multiple CMS options to choose from
  2. Customized & flexible solutions
  3. Cost-effective development
  4. Leverage PHP’s inherent advantages
  5. A broader scope of development

Finding PHP developers for your customer-centric business

Read on.

5 ways PHP developers can help customer-centric businesses

  • Great experience design
  • Feedback-driven improvements
  • Personalization

These are the three pillars of customer-centricity.

And PHP, in some way or the other, helps ensure that these pillars stand strong. Thus, hiring PHP developers is good for customer-centric businesses.

Here are 5 ways that happens.

1. Multiple CMS options to choose from 

A majority of the top Content Management Systems (CMS) are written in PHP. If not, they are driven by a PHP-based foundation.

Examples include Joomla, Drupal, Magento, WordPress, and PrestaShop.

By hiring a PHP developer, you can choose either of these CMSs for your website development needs. And all these platforms can be used to design a great experience for your customers. Primarily, because they are backed by PHP.

We live in a digital era today. Now people visit websites before and more frequently than storefronts. Thus, a great online experience is important.

2. Customized & flexible solutions

Harsh feedback from your first 100 customers will help you make a product that your first 1 million customers will love.

That does sound sweet on paper.  But in reality, it means making lots of changes in your website or platform in the starting out phase. Sometimes even later on.

With any other programming language, it would have meant hefty redesign costs. Not with PHP though.

PHP allows developers to make changes to the code with ease. During any phase of development. And even after the code has been completed, it isn’t too hard to add more features and functionalities.

This flexibility in the hands of a PHP developer is your key to ensuring that you are always able to heed customer feedback.

Further, PHP can be easily paired with other technologies like JavaScript, for example. This allows for a limitless scope for customization and feature enhancements.

3. Cost-effective development

70% of customers are willing to pay more if they know they’d get a good experience with a brand or business.

But that shouldn’t make customer-centric business stop looking for cost-effective solutions.

Offer a customized experience comes at a cost. And the more you can save on technology, the more you can spend on other aspects. PHP helps here too.

For one, it is open-source, so you don’t pay anything to use it. There is also no need for licensing fees.

More importantly, PHP developers are known to cost 15% less than Python or Ruby developers.

The following graph from StackOverflow Developer Survey 2022, further proves the point.

As you can see, PHP developer salaries are significantly less when compared to Java, JavaScript, and Rust developers with similar experience.

P.S. – More about hiring PHP developers for even less is discussed later.

4. Leverage PHP’s inherent advantages

PHP is used by 77.5% of websites whose server-side programming language we know. And that isn’t without reason.

A lot of inherent features of PHP aid in designing a customer-focused solution. And PHP developers can help you leverage those advantages with ease.

The features include:

1. Web Performance

Customers don’t want to wait for your site to load. Neither do they like a sloppy experience. Thankfully, PHP is known for offering stunning web performance.

2. Frequent upgrades

PHP continues to get frequent, feature-loaded upgrades. This ensures your customers get access to the latest features. This directly contributes to an extraordinary experience.

3. SEO-friendliness

Your customers won’t go looking for your website on the second page of Google. Being SEO-friendly is important. And PHP is an excellent choice for SEO, primarily due to its quick load speed.

5. A broader scope of development

PHP is a programming language. And it is majorly used for developing dynamic and interactive websites. But that’s not all.

PHP can also be used for a lot of other development needs.

For example, it can be used to develop web applications. The Facebook web app is developed using PHP.

Etsy, the famous US retailer with more than 45 million users is also built using PHP. And so is Flipkart, an Indian eCommerce giant. This shows how PHP is ideal for eCommerce development too.

It is also ideal for building CRMs (like HubSpot) and project management tools.

So no matter what kind of feature or functionality you want to offer to your audience, PHP can help you build that.

Finding PHP developers – The good, better, and best method

Hiring a PHP developer helps you advance towards your goal of customer-centricity. But any PHP developer won’t make it happen.

You need experts who come with hands-on experience, agility and demonstrated expertise.

A good way to hire PHP developers is to set out on the hunt yourself. Invite applications, sort through them, interview and analyze them. And then find the PHP developer that meets your needs and can help bring your vision to reality.

The process will be long and laborious for sure. But it will be worth it too.

Need a simpler alternative? Hire PHP development companies.

You’ll still have to put in the effort to find a PHP development company. But, at least, you’ll save yourself from employee overheads and the hassle of employee management.

But that would come at a cost. PHP development companies won’t just charge you for just the PHP developer. They’d also bill you for a project manager or customer relationship manager.

Another option to consider is using a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) for hiring PHP developers. A Vietnam Professional Employer Organization, for instance, can handle the entire recruitment process because they have access to a pool of talented PHP developers and can help you find the right fit for your needs. With a PEO, you can avoid employee overheads and the hassle of employee management, as they take care of payroll, benefits, and HR administration.

Want to avoid excess costs?

Here’s the best way to hire a PHP developer for your business – Use talent connect platforms.

  • These are platforms where you get to choose from pre-vetted talent. So you don’t have to go around town with a torch looking for PHP developers.
  • The platform offer replacements. So you won’t be stuck with a non-compatible candidate.
  • These platforms don’t charge fees and commissions. So you save a lot as opposed to hiring the candidates directly.
  • Given that talent connect platforms are usually global in their approach, you also get access to a wider talent pool.

Bonus: If you hire PHP developers from India you can also make the most of the exchange rate advantage. This further brings down the cost of hiring PHP developers.

So what are you waiting for? Hire a PHP developer today and enhance your customer-centric business today.