Keep Your Patients Happy by Going Digital

Keep Your Patients Happy

Keep Your Patients Happy

Nowadays, we share a common concern which is access to health services. There are thousands of medical websites. While some of them provide reliable health information, many do not. Especially for audiology websites design is key so that your patients can easily navigate on the webpage.

Most patients are in need of a healthcare provider that they can access through the internet. Even if your clinic is running on many referrals, people will still start by going online before following through with an appointment. With that, a poor website presence can be a deal breaker. Patients will close websites and cancel appointments if they cannot access your services online or find valuable information that they need.

We have gathered five easy ways to improve your healthcare website!

Healthcare Website Design Tips

#1. Utilize Multimedia

There is an art to choosing the right photos and videos for the different pages of your website. It would be a smart move to invest in a graphic designer or art director who has experience with medical websites. Not all pictures will resonate with patients so there is an art to choosing the right imagery.

As for videos, they are not required but most people enjoy watching short clips that can somehow summarize the quality of your healthcare services. Using photos and videos onsite (at the clinic or client’s office) are proven to make the most impact towards patients. Not to mention that videos are always entertaining and easy to watch so adding these will surely grab their attention.

#2. Make it Marketable

Nowadays, there are digital elements that are tried and tested towards converting website visitors into patients. Websites are more than the design and multimedia. There are key elements that help prospective patients find your websites, read about your services, make a call, and most importantly, schedule an appointment.

To execute this, you may need to add your clinic as a listing on Google. This makes it easy for patients to be directed to your website, hotline, and clinic address itself when they search for “clinics near me” or similar keywords.

#3. Mobile-friendly

We are on our smartphones almost 24/7! Take the next step by making sure that your website is mobile-friendly. What does this mean? Utilize the “long-scroll” in your web design so that patients using smartphones, tablets, or iPads can easily navigate around your website.

If you want to go the extra mile, you can even create an app or join a consortium of healthcare providers that are app-accessible!

#4. Keep It Informative

One of the most important things that patients look for is up to date information. If they cannot find a working email, contact number, or even an updated address, they surely will not make an appointment with you.

Make sure that all of the information they need can be easily accessed on your website. This can even include the list of physicians, services, clinic hours, and medical tests that you offer. Having relevant information online cuts one step and makes the process of making an appointment shorter. If prospective patients can read everything they need on your website, they don’t have to make an extra effort to call or email you – they will go straight to booking an appointment.

#5. Include Patient Reviews 

Lastly, people want to read about firsthand experiences and reviews. Allow patients to leave reviews on multiple off-site locations. While you have little to no control over the types of reviews being displayed on other websites, you can employ a system to leave qualified and helpful reviews on your own website. Many automated systems are available through different agencies so you can manage online reviews through an external source.

Patients value an inclusive and judgment-free medical visit. If you can assure potential patients that you provide high quality healthcare coupled with an inclusive attitude from all your staff, then they will surely keep coming back and recommend other people, too.

Now is the perfect time to go digital! While setting up a healthcare website can be tedious and expensive, the investment will be worth it when you have many satisfied patients and new ones that are continuously coming in.