Jumeirah Village Circle Hottest Spot for Investment in Dubai.

Jumeirah Village Circle

Jumeirah Village Circle

Dubai is the hottest city to invest in, this is one thing every investor knows, but not many know the best areas to invest in in Dubai. IF you are a novice, and if you are looking for the ultimate guide to know the best areas to invest in Dubai, we are here to help you. There are many hot areas and prime locations to invest in Dubai, but none like the Jumeirah Village Circle or JVC. Jumeirah Village Circle is one of the fastest-growing residential communities, not only that it’s a gold mine ready to harvest. JVC boasts many under construction as well as completed projects for both local and foreign investors. This freehold development was introduced in 2005 by Nakheel, one of the most trusted developers of Dubai.

The JVC covers 870 hectares and has more or less 28 projects underway. Apart from that, this massive neighborhood is divided into 6 districts with high-end layouts and luxuries. But more than anything, it’s the location that makes Jumeirah Village Circle our top contender for investment. JVC is ideally developed between Al Khail Road and Hessa Street, the two most prominent streets on the Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road. The prime location secures your investment and offers ultimate value. The competitive price range is what the investors need.

Although the prices have been on the rise in JVC, they are still in the range of an average investor. This is the reason why it has seen over 300 transactions very recently. With high-end developments like Jebel Ali, Dubai Marina, and Jumeirah Lake Towers, the JVC is getting more limelight than ever.

As far as the accommodations go, you can easily rent or buy townhouses as well as two-bedroom and four-bedroom villas for your family. This family-friendly community is ideal for settling and bringing up your kids here.

Apart from the older developments of the Jumeirah Village Circle, new developments are also up-and-coming. The developers are working on three new in and out points, which means in the near future, the JVC will have even better accessibility to areas like Motor City and Sports City through the Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road. This not only makes the location even hotter but also decongests the traffic and shortens travel time for daily commuters.

As JVC is getting popular day by day, its population is also increasing. This means that soon, there will be the need to add more infrastructure, both social and residential. There are several plans to develop a multi-screen cinema, cafes as well as fine dining restaurants. Apart from entertainment sites, there will also be more parks and landscapes.

Advantages Of Investing In Jumeirah Village Circle:

Jumeirah Village Circle

Jumeirah Village Circle

As JVC is a freehold master community, there are many benefits of investing here. Some of the most common benefits are,

JVC Is Family-Friendly:

Whether you are investing to settle or investing to earn a handsome ROI, JVC is the ideal location as it’s a family-friendly community. The population of JVC is ever-increasing, this means it’s the best community to put money in. In the year 2016, when half the JVC was developing, there were 25,000 people already living in JVC. At that time, the prediction was that as soon as the developments are finished, there will be a population rise of 300,000 people. Needless to say, this prediction came through. The abundant green expanse of the JVC is very welcoming; apart from that, some many amenities and facilities are ready to be availed by the residents of Jumeirah Village Circle. The distinctive architecture of JVC gives it a very contemporary look that is very popular with the renters and buyers of the new generation.


Whether it’s the top attractions, landmarks, or transportation sites, JVC is well connected, and it makes it not only the prime location but also a highly accessible one. This accessibility adds to the benefits of investing. Professionals and family people are always looking for locations that are close to public transport, so their commute from work becomes easier. JVC is connected to major roads like Al Khail Road or Sheikh Zayed Road through Hessa Street. This connects JVC to all important landmarks of Dubai, also makes commute easy for professional individuals as well as makes JVC great for investment.

Retail & Shopping:

Every Community is made home with the people, with facilities it provides, as well as the amenities it holds. Jumeirah Village Circle is number one when it comes to all of these qualities. With a family-friendly community and many facilities for the residents, JVC also offers a one-stop-shop retail destination. The Circle Mall site is spread over 1 million square feet with both shopping and entertainment experiences.

It has over 200 shops, a multiplex cinema as well as many supermarkets to cater to the needs of its residents. Apart from that, as soon as you step out of the mall, you will see an array of retails shops, restaurants, as well as cafés lighting up the area.

Investor’s Hub:

It’s a proven hub for investors; why would anyone ignore JVC when it’s apparent that many investors are already digging in this gold mine. The JVC is a stable site, and moreover, it’s ever-expanding. So, there will be many bigger and better investment opportunities in the future as well. As Dubai opens its borders after the COVID-19 pandemic, things are starting to look up for Jumeirah Village Circle. It has everything that residents need, facilities, amenities, entertainment, school, medical care, as well as accessibility to all other major areas. These key aspects of the JVC area make it the best investment hub of Dubai.

All in all, Jumeirah Village Circle is in the third position amid the trendiest communities in Dubai. The popularity is more due to both sales for off-plan and ready apartments for locals and ex-pats alike. From apartments to townhouses to villas to offices, to residential and commercial plots, it has all you need to get you started.