It’s Not Just Houses That Get Smart, It’s Locks, Too. Smart Locks App  



We had three sachets of javascript, five packs of python and jango, one pack of Material-UI, a bottle of swift, and lots and lots of other stuff. This is not the most necessary in development. If you want to create a really cool product, you have to take it seriously. As a result we developed an app for IOS and Android, web add-in on our secure server, which will make your life times easier, simpler, safer and more convenient to live and work. These are the principles that guided our team in developing a smart system for apartments and private offices.

Our mobile app allows you to:

  • Open/close doors using wireless technology (bluetooth, NFS, wifi);
  • See all locks with a photo of the office or building in which they are installed;
  • Give temporary and permanent keys to users;
  • To track the history of logging of users in the service: what time an employee came to work and what time he left;
  • Assigning a unique name to each door (address or type of office) so you know exactly what you are opening every time;
  • Any lock can be changed and customized.

The frontend allows you to:

  • See all locks with photos of the buildings in which they are installed;
  • Manage users (add/remove);
  • Customize user profile (change photo, name, phone number);
  • Group locks by type and function (for example, locks that belong to your house will be combined into one group “House”).

Backend guarantees:

  • Full protection of your data;
  • Stable operation of our server system;
  • Protection against hackers.

The smart lock service was developed by us is a convenient and reliable service for any company or personal use. Now people don’t have to carry around a huge bunch of keys hoping not to lose it somewhere along the way.

Interesting features:

Shake to Open. We offer you to open a door with just a few actions. Just be near the door, open the app, and shake your phone – your door will open!

We’ve also added the ability to open doors with NFC. You don’t even need to open the app to do this, just bring your phone to the door and it will be processed.

We give access for a certain time or for a certain number of uses. For instance, if guests arrive ahead of schedule and the user isn’t there in time to greet them, we’ve created a way to give them a temporary key for the right number of entrances, or one that will only work for a limited amount of time.

The technologies used by our developers

Frontend – a multifunctional administrative panel that allows the administrator and manager to manage the application as a whole and individual user rights. Monitor keys and their usage statistics:

  • React
  • Redux
  • Saga
  • Material-UI

Android – a compact mobile application with a full range of functions that allows you to create, configure, manage locks and groups of locks. And it is also convenient to use all the features of the system:

  • Kotlin
  • MVVM architecture
  • Camera for QR Scanner
  • Push notification
  • Retrofit
  • Map api
  • Place api
  • Bluetooth low energy
  • NFC
  • Drag-and-drop

IOS – a modern Apple application meets all the standards and requirements of modern mobile development, is fully compatible with your iOS device and just simplifies your life:

  • Swift
  • MVVM
  • Dependency injection (DI)
  • Firebase (Crashlytics & Push notifications)
  • Bluetooth Low Energy
  • NFC
  • Camera for QR Scanner
  • Google API (Places)
  • Drag-and-drop

Backend – fast, stable, efficient and powerful ultra-secure server for your quiet work and life:

  • Database: postgres 14
  • python 3.9
  • django framework
  • django rest framework

Our new generation Smart lock application by Owlab is a modern and reliable solution for any type of door in an office, house or garage. Security has become even more reliable, convenient and easy!