Is your kid about to start his kindergarten journey in 2023? Here is what you need to know



Transitioning from preschool to kindergarten is a vital phase in a child’s educational journey. In kindergarten, your child will be exposed to a large campus, new friends, new teachers, and a different routine. Therefore, every parent has to plan and prepare accordingly.

Despite good awareness and planning, many parents find it difficult to sail through this phase. It is crucial for both parent and child to participate equally in this journey. This article will touch on some essential aspects you need to know before starting your child’s kindergarten journey in 2023.

What do you need to know to kickstart your child’s Kindergarten Journey in 2023?

Understand the importance of Kindergarten

Your child’s kindergarten journey starts with you. So, you have to understand why this phase is so important. Here your child will learn to read, write, and socialize. Here are some ways kindergarten can help develop essential skills in your child.

  • Strong basic literacy and numeracy skills taught in this phase become the foundation of a successful academic in the future.
  • Apart from academics, kindergarten develops social skills like relationship building, sharing, self-esteem, and taking responsibility.
  • Learning through fun activities and specially designed programs develops a love for learning in children.

Due to the significance of this stage, many parents consider tutoring for kindergarten a valuable investment. Personalized attention is the key to unlocking many hidden potentials of your child.

Prepare your child for kindergarten.

There is still plenty of time to prepare your child for the 2023 academic session. Here are some tips to prepare your child for kindergarten.


  • Start telling short stories to your kid
  • Read aloud with them
  • Familiarize them with the letters and their sounds
  • Teach them some simple rhymes
  • Teach them how to grip a pencil properly


  • Evaluate if your child is comfortable in a group or not.
  • Teach your child to follow simple instructions
  • Sharing and asking for help if needed


  • Improve his communication and motor skills.
  • Train your child for bathroom needs

Prepare your child for the Kindergarten evaluation test.

Your child may face kindergarten screenings or readiness testing for admission, depending on the school. Although the test is not specific, it evaluates academic and some other essential skills. Here is how you can overcome readiness testing.

  • Help them learn alphabet recognition and sounds through rhymes, charts, and fun videos.
  • Play number games to teach them number recognition and the basics of counting.
  • Feed their curiosity and improve their communication skills to improve their confidence.

Choose the best school for your child.

While the needs and budgets of every parent differ, ask these questions before selecting the best school for your child.

  • Does your child need special attention or individual attention?
  • Does the curriculum or teaching style of the new school complement your child’s learning style?
  • Does the new school provide a safe environment for your child?
  • How far is the new school from your home?

Additionally, you can request a tour of the school to better understand. Similarly, check for referrals and reviews of the school. Lastly, ask for special attention if required. It is important to note that you should project your requests and requirements well in advance.

Work with your child to build effective routines.

Adapting to the morning chores could be a little hectic for your kids. However, with a little help, you can build an effective routine for homework time, playtime, and morning chores. Fortunately, when kids create these routines themselves, they are more likely to follow the routine strictly. So, do not force your plan on your child; instead, work with them.

Create a long-term roadmap

Your child’s educational journey is a long-term endeavor. Along with academics, the aim is to develop focus and determination. Therefore, while present requirements such as homework, tests, and assignments have their own value, these things should not disturb your long-term goal. Overall, quality education should be aimed toward your child’s overall development. For this, setting a long-term goal is imperative.


As evident, kindergarten is the first phase where a child starts learning problem-solving, emotions, social and academic skills. The main aim of this phase is to set a path for a bright future for kids. Teachers’ efforts and parents’ guidance are the keys to smoothly navigating the process. Many times, personalized attention in the form of tutoring can help build self-esteem and confidence. So now that you know the essentials to start your kid’s kindergarten journey, don’t think twice; act promptly.