Is it illegal to buy FIFA coins?

Is it illegal to buy FIFA coins

Is it illegal to buy FIFA coins?

Perhaps there are few events there in the world that brings about as much favor and excitement as the FIFA World Cup. FIFA e-gaming is also one of the most admirable and crazily followed games by the e-players. It’s every new edition brings some distinctly unique features for the players to experience.

For a true FIFA e-game player, the challenges start to become more intense as they manage to grow their squad in FUT. Here appears the essential need for FIFA coins and only a veteran player can understand the risks of buying virtual currency from a third party. FIFA coins allow a gamer to keep their speed in the competition. It is the main currency that will enable gamers to buy players and their various kinds of stuff in the transfer market.

What is the way to earn FIFA coins?

 FIFA 20 Ultimate Team allows you to earn coins by following these steps:

  1. Play FUT (FIFA Ultimate Team) matches
  2. Trade different items on FUT Transfer Market
  3. By using the “Quick Sell Option” sell the items
  4. Finally, get the coins as a reward or gift.

It is not possible to carry over FIFA 19 coins to FIFA 20. Instead, players get rewards or gifts in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team. To earn more coins, there are several Squad Building Challenges available that keep coins as a reward.

¬†There is no single particular reason to buy FIFA coin packs, and people buy these coins for various needs. Sometimes they buy coins to open packs and join in different tournaments and challenges. They may want the ability to buy players directly from the transfer market or being a part of an ultimate team. FIFA coins are an essential part of a gamers’ performance. Earning FIFA coins is so much time consuming and an overwhelming task. That is why gamers prefer to purchase coins easily and comfortably.

Is it legal to buy FIFA coins?

If you see the overall concept of buying FIFA coin packs, it seems that it is against the rules. But buying FUT coins may not be illegal in certain circumstances. There are no legal consequences while buying FIFA coins, and there are many reliable and trusted online coin suppliers there. is a trusted name that takes care of everything regarding FUT coins.

NOTE: Buying FIFA coins from a third party seller, promoting these coins, or distributing these is against the EA rules.

It is also a fact that FIFA coin packs have been sold on third-party websites black market for years. That is why EA must have to take an even stronger stance about the illegal selling and buying of FUT packs and coins. According to EA FUT Transfer Market already gives gamers the facility to transfer FUT items to one another, at fair market value. Now it is decided by the creators that anything besides this use of market account for coins distribution. You can use a bronze pack method, complete season objectives, snipe players on the market, keep track of live SBCs, and make smart investments to get maximum coins packs.

What actions does EA take on breaking this rule?

If a person breaks the rules following are the possible actions EA can do against them:

  • The gamer may face restrictions to get access.
  • Gamers may lose their rewards.
  • The FUT club may also get deleted.
  • Gamers may also lose their FUT coins.
  • The gamer may have to face a temporary or permanent ban on their account.
  • Gamers account may get removed from the leader board

From where buy FIFA coin packs?

To keep FIFA account safe and to grow the numbers of coins simultaneously, a gamer needs to follow the following tips by

  • Always keep away your account from any activities of buying, selling, or distributing the coins.
  • Only contact with the official FUT store or a reliable retailer like to purchase the points.
  • Don’t buy coins on a new account unless you play at least 50 games before buying FIFA coin packs.
  • Always follow the trends of the Transfer Market and earn coins or trade players at a reasonable price as per market trends.
  • Before buying from a retailer, check their entire website carefully.
  • It is highly recommended to read the reviews of previous customers and their feedback on whether you need to buy some coins or want to exchange the coins for real money.


Selecting a trusted seller is the best way to manage the buying of FIFA coin packs. is the name of reputable retailers in the trade market. ensures the security and protection of their client while selling. Gamers always get a secure deal with, and they provide various console support, safe transfer, fast delivery, and amazingly reasonable price.