Introducing the Star of Your Bed and Bath Linen Closet: Hygro Cotton Collection

Wish to upgrade your linen closet? You can do so by keeping in mind various factors. These can be enhanced comfort, higher durability, and easier maintenance. Interestingly, you can tick off all these factors by choosing linen made of hygro cotton. It has become so popular that now you can find hygro cotton comforters, bath towels, bedsheets, quilts, and more. Now you can revamp your entire linen collection and enjoy a superior level of comfort in every piece. But what is hygro cotton and what are its benefits? Read on to know everything.

What is Hygro Cotton?

It is created with a patented spinning technology that helps form a hollow core in 100% pure cotton yarn. This yarn is known as Hygro. The unique feature of this material is that it only becomes softer, fluffier, and more comfortable with every wash. That is why hotels prefer it for their beds and baths. In addition to these features, bed, and bath linen products made from Hygro Cotton also display temperature-regulating properties, making them a more comfortable product to use. People are increasingly choosing hygro cotton bedsheets, quilts, comforters, and towels for a luxurious experience at their homes. pillowcases

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What are the Features and Benefits of Hygro Cotton?

Blooms after wash: After every wash, hygro cotton blooms, which means it plumps up. For instance, a hygro cotton towel continues to become softer and loftier after each wash, instead of shrinking. This is promoted by the hollow-core cotton yarn, which traps air in the core to fluff itself up, every time you wash the towel. This also offers good padding after each wash.

Dries up quickly: Since the yarn traps air in its core, it wicks away moisture and helps it to evaporate quickly into the air. After washing, a hygro cotton bedsheet will dry up faster than other kinds of bedsheets. At the same time, the material is highly absorbent. So, you will find that it wicks away moisture as fast as it absorbs the same. Similarly, hygro cotton towels can easily absorb water from your wet body and dry you up rapidly. This makes it very convenient to wash and dry hygro cotton products, which is why it is very popular among people who travel a lot.  cotton bath Towel

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Extremely soft: Hygro cotton contains 100% pure cotton. This makes it ultra-soft and fluffy and, therefore, the most comfortable choice for linens.

Highly breathable: Due to the revolutionary technology of trapping air in its core, hygro cotton products allow ventilation or airflow. This makes the material super-breathable. Unlike heavy blankets that trap heat and make you sweat all night, a hygro cotton comforter or quilt will ensure you wake up fresh and cosy.

Safe for the skin: Since the material contains 100% pure cotton, it is all-natural. Therefore, you won’t develop an allergic reaction when using hygro cotton products. In fact, since cotton suits almost all skin types, the material is safe for everyone.

Easy to maintain and durable: Due to its special in-built technology, hygro cotton becomes more comfortable after every use and wash, making it low maintenance. Hygro products are also much more durable. While both hygro cotton and Egyptian cotton can be machine-washed, the latter tends to wrinkle easily. However, the polyester in hygro cotton helps maintain its structure. This lends durability to the material. Bedsheet

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Now that you see the advantages of using hygro cotton products, welcome them into your home today. Spaces offers premium quality hygro cotton bath towels, quilts, comforters, and bedsheets in various colour options. You can also benefit from fast shipping and 30-day easy returns.