Industries with the most brain injuries in Washington State 

Personal Injury

Personal Injury

One of the most devastating injuries that someone may have to deal with is a brain injury. When you do suffer from a traumatic brain injury, commonly referred to as a TBI, it could have dramatic impacts on your ability to work and lead a quality life. While TBIs can occur in any situation, they are more common for people that work in certain jobs. In the state of Washington, there are various industries and career paths that are more likely to lead to brain injuries.


Similar to many other states, one industry that is more likely than others to result in brain injuries is the construction industry. Those that are employed in the construction industry will spend a lot of time around heavy equipment, tools, lumber, and other supplies that pose hazard risks. While wearing appropriate safety helmets is important and can help prevent injuries, there is still always a risk that you could be hit by a falling or swinging object that could result in serious injuries.

Forestry and Logging Industry

Another industry that is more prone than others to result in brain injuries is the forestry and logging industry. The forestry industry is important as it helps to remove trees to ensure there is lumber needed for construction, paper, and other uses of wood. While the industry has a lot of safety precautions in place, the process of knocking down trees in the middle of the forest comes with inherent risks. If there is an accident in which someone is hit by a falling tree, a heavy branch, or certain pieces of equipment, it could cause an injury. Due to the wide number of forest areas in Washington, this industry causes more injuries than it would in other states.


Due to the access to the Pacific Ocean and other waterways, fishing continues to be a major industry in the state of Washington. Commercial fishing will always come with various risks given it involves extended periods of time out at sea, particularly during choppy waters. One of the risks that come with commercial fishing is the risk that you could be hit by moving fishing equipment or fall and hit your head hard due to unpredictable boat movements. In any of these situations, there is a chance that a bad hit to the head could result in a brain injury.

Law Enforcement 

Another industry that comes with a heightened risk of incurring a brain injury is law enforcement. There continues to be an inherent risk of being involved in a physical altercation when you are a police officer. This could include being struck by a blunt object or another weapon. Further, police officers tend to drive around their respective communities throughout the day, which increases the chances that they could be involved in a vehicle accident that could also result in a brain injury.

First Responders 

First responders, including the local fire department and emergency medical professionals, provide a very valuable service to any community that can ultimately help to protect people and save lives. Those that work in these industries will frequently be placed in stressful situations that come with various physical hazards. Due to this, they have a higher risk than other professionals when it comes to suffering from a brain injury.

Agriculture Industry

The agriculture industry is one that all people across the country rely on. Without this industry, people would not have access to the food they need to thrive and live healthy lives. While there is a lot of demand for professionals in this industry, those that work in this field do take on various risks. Due to the working in the elements with heavy equipment, there is always a small chance that someone could be hurt while working on the farm or with animals. Fortunately, advanced equipment and safety measures can be used to reduce these risks.

Trucking and Shipping Industry

If you are in the shipping and transportation industry, truck accidents can occur. Further, truck accidents can cause TBI’s if the accident is bad enough. If you are involved in an accident of any kind that results in a serious injury, it is important that you have legal support by your side. The team with the Montoya Hinckley Law firm is a great group to contract.

If you do suffer from a TBI, the team here can handle the entire legal process for you. This will include evaluating your case and injury, offering a full consultation, and handling any negotiations or deliberations with your employer or other relevant parties to ensure you receive the care and support that you are entitled to. This will also provide you with the time you need to focus on your recovery from the injury.