Important reasons for those with severe knee, pelvic, or hip pain to visit an orthopaedic surgeon



Any Victorian will be able to relate just how frustrating it can be when suffering pain and mobility issues relating to the knees, hips, or pelvis. Simple activities such as an easy stroll can be akin to dragging the body round an assault course, with lots of pain thrown in for good measure.

Australians can at times be a stubborn bunch, born through their fighting spirit and will to succeed. Sadly, this can sometimes mean that they try to put pain and conditions to one side and hope that they will go away. The reality, of course, is that they are only likely to get worse, which is why a far more sensible solution is to visit an orthopaedic surgeon in Melbourne for several important reasons.

  • A professional with a decade or so of experience having trained among some of the world’s leading orthopaedic experts will immediately provide peace of mind and offer the best treatment available so that recovery time is cut to a minimum, instantly improving the quality of life of the patient. Many who suffer from such conditions make the situation worse through unnecessary worry, which is easily preventable when offered peace of mind by a leading surgeon.
  • Sometimes an injury, whether caused by a road accident or playing sports can end in a fracture which is not only painful but has huge potential to cause issues in the years that follow. However, a surgeon has the best chance of getting to work and resolving the situation within 24 hours, which can possibly save the career of a professional sportsperson if treated quickly.
  • Not everyone’s body or requirements are the same, so being able to visit a surgeon who understands this and offers tailored solutions can be of great comfort. His aim will be to have his patients back on their feet as soon as possible, pain-free so that they can get on with enjoying their life to the full.
  • Not only will surgery of the highest standards take place, but the doctor will also provide rehabilitation treatment where required so that the recuperation period is of the minimum time. A wide range of bone and joint issues can be assessed and treated when visiting the right practice.

A leading orthopaedic surgeon in Melbourne will aim to have his patients back on their feet as quickly as possible, both free of pain and with their mobility restored.