Importance of Using Welding Fume Exhaust Systems



Welding Fume Exhaust Systems are most commonly utilized in workplaces where activities like welding, soldering, and other similar activities are being performed. All these activities produce fumes because of the burning metal at high-temperature levels. These harmful fumes then float into the atmosphere that can easily enter into lungs through the nose and mouth. It is harmful to human beings, as these fumes have compounds including toxic gasses, heavy metals, and minute particles that can easily pass through the nose that may make a human ill or worse.

These exhaust systems are available in varied sizes and shapes. The question is how Welding Fume Exhaust Systems function and why is it so important to use in factories or manufacturing shops.

What is the Fume Extraction System?

A fume Extractor is a type of machine that helps to extract, filtrate and collect the hazardous material present in the fumes. It can easily vacuum fume contaminated air into the filtration system which then refreshes the air inside the workspace keeping the environment no or less harmful.

This extraction system is available in varied formats such as benchtop, portable and mounted units. It is widely used in activities like welding, soldering, spraying, sanding, and other applications.

In countries like the USA, OSHA controls the maximum amount of a particular chemical that employees may be exposed to. Shops should make every effort to limit employee exposure to these toxicants because they can be harmful to their health.

Different advantages of Fume Extraction Systems

Decrease Health Effects

Safety of workers is crucial and fumes generated by soldering and welding may create a serious health effect on humans. As these fumes contain toxic compounds that cause illness, irritation, and maybe death. Some of these compounds also contain cancer-causing particles or carcinogens that should not need to be inhaled.

OSHA Guidelines

Fume extraction devices are very effective at reducing the concentration of hazardous substances in the air below the permissible exposure limits (PELs) given by OSHA. Without a fume extraction system, Your work area won’t be able to prevent exposure.

Personal Protection Equipment and Ventilation can help to a great extent, but they are not completely sufficient for solder fumes and welding because workers are doing their job with close exposure of harmful fumes.

Along with welding fume extraction systems, there are several custom welding hoods available in the market that help to protect welding workers from toxic fumes. To know more about it, click here.

What Does Welding Fume Harmful to the respiratory system?

When you breathe in, the toxins enter your airways and travel via your bronchial tubes to your lungs. These particulates, or nanoparticles, are so small that they can pass right through the cell wall and enter into the lung alveoli. It is crucial to prevent this exposure.

It is possible to eliminate these dangerous airborne contaminants at their source by using a welding fume extraction system. These contaminants are concentrated and primarily found in the container, machine, and steel construction, the automotive industry and its component suppliers, and in the production of rail vehicles and ships.

Welding fumes may also create different health effects such as respiratory problems, kidney, liver, brain damage, lung cancer, nervous system damage, pulmonary edema, etc. However, all these health concerns can be prevented if a person working in the metal industry works in the Welding Fume Exhaust Systems with PPE and proper ventilation support.

Fume extractors are crucial for decreasing the volume of harmful components present in the atmosphere and also match OSHA compliance. These extractors collect fume-contaminated air and then clean it by passing from a system which collects the hazardous compounds.