The Importance of Reading Essay Samples for Students

The Importance of Reading Essay Samples for Students

The Importance of Reading Essay Samples for Students

Why is it good to read an essay sample before you even start your writing? Every student can find a lot of positive aspects of reading essay samples. One of them is improving your writing skills. When you are a first-year student and don’t have any idea how to format your essay, samples will help you understand the main principles of formatting. On the other hand, you can find inspiration among many interesting essay samples, which is excellent even for undergraduates. 

Reliable sources should provide all the information you use online. When you need to be diligent in your own research, you can look for books, a case study of another scholar, or writing samples on such services as, with well-written and clear essay samples.

Importance of Balancing Metabolism for Eating Disorders

Metabolic balance is a physiological condition where there is no net gain in the production and elimination of a substance. For example, a person whose food intake produces energy that is equal to the energy used has achieved metabolic balance. Metabolic balance is essential when dealing with eating disorders because it helps in the treatment of these disorders. This essay will illustrate the importance of metabolic balance in assisting the treatment of patients with eating disorders, namely anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge eating disorder.

Firstly, metabolic balance can improve the lasting effects of psychiatric treatment that patients with anorexia nervosa receive. Watson states that fundamental metabolic dysregulation is a contributing factor to the challenges faced by these patients in maintaining a healthy BMI post-therapeutic renourishment. Hence, metabolic balance supplements the current treatment that these patients receive by ensuring that their weight is congruent with a healthy BMI. 

Secondly, metabolic balance is important in bulimia nervosa, as the binge-purge cycle that patients go through impacts their metabolism even if their food intake is of a suitable level. A study found that binge eating impacts metabolic parameters even when total calories are appropriate for the weight. Hence, an understanding of metabolic balance is likely to help patients who may not respond to treatment well even though their food intake is well regulated.

Thirdly, the concept of metabolic balance is important in understanding why patients with binge eating disorder need to be screened for more serious health conditions. This is because these patients usually have a worse metabolic profile. It puts them more at risk for serious health conditions like cardiovascular diseases and type 2 diabetes. Hence, understanding the relationship between BED and other conditions will ensure that their healthcare needs in other areas are not overlooked.

In conclusion, metabolic balance is important because it helps in the treatment of eating disorders by providing crucial information about how the patient responds to their current treatment and the risks they may face.