I am not good at anything

One of the most common limiting beliefs that I hear from people is how they say “I’m not good at anything”. As a human, who lives in a materialistic world where she/he thinks about money all day long, it’s quite difficult to make her stop and think “is this really a problem?”. But even if you live in a world where money is not that important, you still have to face some kind of inconvenience. It’s just how life works!

This belief is extremely limiting on its own but combined with other limiting beliefs it is even more destructive. Especially if your goal in life is to become rich and famous, this belief will come in handy and give you an excuse for not going after your dreams.

We have met a lot of people who believed that they were poor at everything and I noticed one thing: they aren’t good at anything! This is because they are using the I’m not good at anything. belief, which leads to them not trying things out.

I can’t do anything right

Similar to the point above, many people believe that “I’m not good at anything”.

This belief is even more limiting than just believing “I am not good at anything”, because it doesn’t only keep you from trying something out, but also makes you think that everything is your fault when something goes wrong. With these beliefs comes guilt and frustration, which is never good for anyone.

This belief is extremely dangerous when combined with the “I am not good at anything” belief, because you will then think that you can’t do anything right and that’s why you are bad at everything! It’s a very negative cycle of thoughts, which leads me to my next point…

I can’t

This might be the most dangerous limiting belief of all! It’s simple and yet so powerful.

It’s like you have a built-in voice in your head, which tells you that you can’t do anything. You never even tried to think “what if I actually CAN”?! You just assume that you are bad at everything, that you can’t do this or that. And it prevents you from trying!

And the scary thing is: we ALL have this built-in voice in our heads. That’s why I want to teach you how to get rid of it and start being more confident about yourself!

I hate myself and my life

If you are like most people, you might think that there is something wrong with your life and that’s why it sucks.

You have probably tried a lot of things to improve your life but nothing seems to help. After all, if you were happy with yourself, lucky in love or not depressed, would you even try to change anything?

It’s because you believe that your life is bad, not because of the things YOU are doing wrong.

 I am not good enough for anything

This belief is very similar to the “I hate myself and my life” belief. And it’s also very common, which is why I wanted to mention it here.

The main difference between these two beliefs comes at a point where you notice that nothing has changed: if you believe that your life sucks because of the things YOU are doing wrong and not because there is something wrong with the world, then you will definitely try and change your life!

But if you think that there is something wrong with the world, even when things go good for you, then you might just give up.

If you have this belief or “I hate myself and my life” belief mixed in with some of the other beliefs mentioned here, it’s going to be even harder to get rid of them. That’s why I am going to give you some tips on how to finally make these limiting beliefs go away!

I am just unlucky

this belief is very common and a lot of people are using it, especially if they have had bad luck in the past.  It might be that you have a lot of negative experiences in your life and after enough time has passed, you start looking back at those “bad” events differently.

For example: if we were able to go back in history one week or even one month , there are a lot of people who would think that the Great Depression was a good thing. Yes, it was terrible and people were suffering, but at the same time lots of new jobs opened up! And back then, when you got a job you had “made it” in life.