IELTS Essay: Tips and Samples

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In this essay writing section, applicants have to present an essay of at least 250 words in a limited period. However, many candidates find it hard to clear IELTS task 2 essay writing exams. This can be either because they do not have the right strategy to clear it or have a weak vocabulary. This means if one can think of perfect words in a short period, have knowledge of connectors and have a proper grip over grammar, he or she can clear it easily. 

Thankfully, there are sources one can refer to, like IELTS connectors 2022 and a vocabulary list online for those who need to work on it. Also, to help further, here are some tips on how to write an essay and a sample to refer to. 

Effective Tips to Obtain a Better Score at IELTS Essay Writing Exam

The following are some effective tips that will help candidates to score better if they follow them whole-heartedly:

1. Understand the Question

One main reason for scoring bad is that candidates often start writing before even understanding what the question wants. For example, whether it wants an opinion or it’s a discussion, a solution or a combination? Also, candidates must identify the keywords and use them in their essays to impress the examiner. 

2. Get Familiarised with Common Topics

There are certain types of questions that IELTS offers its students to solve. One can get familiarised with it by solving the practice sheet available online. Also, individuals can solve it better if they work on their vocabulary, i.e., by reading more books, listening to podcasts and watching English videos. However, applicants must remember the purpose here is not to widen their knowledge but to express themselves better in English. 

3. Manage Time

Another important tip to consider while writing an essay is to be aware of time and manage it wisely. This exam is bound by time as the candidate must complete this section within 40 minutes. So, there must be a proper strategy before writing. 

One point to remember is that one should not spend more than 5 minutes planning their essay. Also, individuals must try to finish their exam within 36 to 37 minutes and use the left minutes for proofreading. This reduces the degree of inaccuracy in the exam. 

4. Separate with Paragraphs

One of the biggest mistakes students make is describing their entire essay in just one paragraph. However, an applicant’s essay must contain a proper introduction, body and conclusion to obtain a full mark essay. So, students must first break their ideas into paragraphs and then explain their thoughts using elaborative examples.

5. Complete the Answer

When times fall short, students often leave their answers incomplete. However, some choose to end it by either using small sentences or adding bullet points. Both the practices are wrong and can result in poor marks. Here examiners will see a candidate’s English writing skills which won’t be possible by receiving a bullet, short sentence or incomplete answers. 

So, students must start by separating paragraphs, writing two or three explanation lines for each paragraph and ending with a conclusion. As a result, this will showcase the applicant’s excellent writing skills and positively impact the examiner. 

Sample for Writing IELTS Essay Type Question

There are five categories of questions that candidates can expect to face in the exam under task 2. It includes discussing both view essay, agree or disagree essay, problem or solution essay, advantage or disadvantage essay, and two-part question essay. A candidate must practise writing on all the question types. 

For this purpose, individuals can also refer to the latest 50+ IELTS essay topics in 2022. However, one must also check out the sample mentioned below before starting with it. This will help students understand how to approach the essay and end it. 

Sample Question: 

Is it correct how the media treats celebrities, or is it a price one has to pay for stardom? Regardless of how popular one is, do they deserve some privacy or not?


Now, after the emergence of the digital world, people are using social media more than ever. It has changed how people communicate with one another. Also, the view of how one sees a world has evolved. While the media have been twirling the daily lives of celebrities for a long time, they often mistreat them by breaching their privacy, especially the tabloid outlets. Moreover, this impacts the lives of stars directly since it highly influences people how they perceive their image in their minds. Thus, the media holds power to bring fame to someone while dragging someone else’s reputation into the mud. 

So, while ill-treatment of celebrities by media outlets is common, I believe that the media holds the responsibility to let celebrities have the power to protect their private lives. Many famous personalities also use the media to grab attention and maintain an image. However, it still does not match the degree of manipulation media can create. Thus, I support the thought that the privacy of every individual should stay protected. However, it is becoming very difficult as more people use social media. This is because we have more access to people’s lives, so we tend to look for more, especially celebrities we admire. This also makes it necessary for celebrities to be aware of how to use their social media. 

To sum up, it is evident that the media tampers with the private lives of celebrities and mistreats them for TRP. However, they must not forget that there are some journalism ethics that every news media outlet should follow and present news that is free of personal views and thoughts. Lastly, every journalist must treat celebrities with respect and give them enough room to protect their private life.

Students interested in studying abroad where English is used as a language of instruction can get admission to their preferred university by passing the IELTS exam. However, since its task 2 essay writing section is not so easy, here are some tips for students to refer to. Also, a sample is given, so they know what examiners expect from them. One can go through the instructions and expand their chances of scoring better.