Huawei Band 6 | A Solid Fitness Tracker in Budget  



It’s time to wear something that makes you feel perfect. The excellent news is Huawei has launched band 6 in the market, which has already created excitement in the hearts of fitness-conscious people. It is Huawei’s first band that comes in a full view display of 1.47 AMOLED. Huawei band 6 is more exciting because it comes with trendy colors and design choices.

Huawei band 6 itself is an excellent fitness tracker, but it is tremendously helpful in many ways by its incredible features, looks, and smartness. So, many of us are looking forward to buying this band, that is why we decided to bring this article to help you whether you should believe this Huawei band 6 or not?

What is good in Huawei band 6?

First of all, the most exciting thing about this band is its price. Yes, the price is highly affordable compared to any other fitness tracker band and comes with a warranty. Its band has almost identical features to the smart watch they have launched before. However, this smart band has many other big highlights and features that make it a more advanced and most recommended accessory for the next pick.

SpO2 Monitoring

One of the main highlighted features of this smart band is it can monitor the oxygen level throughout the day. If you are sleeping and your oxygen level goes down, the Huawei smart band can detect your oxygen level and alarm your lower oxygen. It is essential for all those who have suffered from the covid-19 and any other lung disease.

AMOLED Display

Beyond the expectation, the Huawei band6 came with a big display with a 1.47-inch amoled full view display. This is the largest display ever in smart bands. Its AMOLED display gives it a mesmerizing look and enhances every color on its display. The huge screen on the Huawei band 6 allows you to enjoy seeing your steps tracking, phone notification, controlling of playing music on your smartphone, and much more.

Design & Accessories

Very excellent and beautiful in design. It’s true that Huawei band 6 looks much identical to Huawei honor band 6, but it has more exciting features than honor band 6. However, this smart band comes with a warranty card, manual, and magnetic charging doge.

Software Support

Huawei smart band can provide all the great functionalities that you expect from excellent fitness tracker bands. It can be installed by any smartphone, not merely by Huawei phones. Its performance is flawless with all the android devices. You can simply scan the QR code printed on the box, and an APK file will appear that you have to install, and that’s all, your band is ready to enjoy.

Functions & Features 

This band is the most advanced version of its type, as you have read above. As it has the most crucial feature of SpO2 monitoring, heart rate monitoring throughout the day, this band has many workout modes that you choose. It has a physical button to awaken its display, and with the double-tap on the screen, it can take you to the main menu. Swapping up on the screen allows you to go further in its other features, notifications, settings, etc. You can also manage its screen brightness and screen awake time. Swiping left and right can take you to the widgets such as smart trackers, heart rate monitor, SpO2 monitor, steps tracker, weather forecast, etc.

96 Workout Modes

Huawei band 6 came with 96 workout modes. This time it is winning the heart of all the fitness-conscious persons. All the workout modes have been divided into different categories. The vast range of workouts into different categories is one of the fantastic things that can mesmerize the buyer ultimately.

Face Selection

Another attractive feature is you can change the face of your band 6. Any time when you have internet access, you can change the face of the Huawei band 6 through your smartphone. There are a lot of free or paid options available online. It is an enormous variety that you can choose from. Even with paid options, you can get your loved face for your Huawei. No difficulty you have to bear while choosing or changing its face. But I must say the default face is the most fantastic one.

Long Battery Time

Timings matters a lot. The long battery timing is another heart-winning quality of the Huawei band 6. Its battery can stay more than two weeks. It is a really very massive period that a band can sustain.

Other Great Features

Although all the above features and quality have made the mind that this Huawei band 6 is the

Fantastic gadget. It has lots more features and functions that you can expect from the smart watch or smart fitness tracker. Such as, it is water-resistant, so there is no need to worry if you are getting too sweaty or if you have jumped into the swimming wearing the fitness band. And also has a pretty much secure fit on the hand because its straps are made with standard silicone that gives it a perfect watch style look. This snug fit makes more prefer to wear it for sleep tracking and during exercise and walk or run track.

Wrapping Up

Ultimately the Huawei band 6 is incredible, and the end limit is in the fitness band category. Its features are exceptional in all aspects. It has different options to control on your smartphone and the call declining option. Furthermore, the software of the bright band has many updates, even if you can update the version through the band except the smartphone.

It is most accurate and fears all the smart sensors and indeed impressive with its price.