How Your Breath Can Help You Understand Health Issues

How Your Breath Can Help You Understand Health Issues

How Your Breath Can Help You Understand Health Issues

Most people have worried about whether their breath smells or not. It’s particularly important when you are meeting a date or have an important business meeting. After all, bad breath can be off-putting and ruin your chances, whatever the occasion.

However, you may not realize it but bad breath isn’t just a sign of an oral health issue. It can also reflect an underlying health issue. It’s important to understand the signs, it can help you get the appropriate treatment.

If you notice any of the following you should see your local reputable Alexandria dentist, they can check the issue and refer you if necessary.

Fishy Breath

It is possible that fishy breath is the result of eating a lot of fish. However, it is often a sign that you have a kidney issue.

Your kidneys are designed to cleanse your body. They remove toxins and unwanted chemicals from your blood and pass them out of your body via your urine. However, when your kidneys aren’t working properly the toxins aren’t removed and this can have a knock-on effect, including an inability to remove smells from your mouth.

If you have kidney issues you may also notice foamy urine, dry skin, itching, tiredness, blood in your urine, and you’re likely to need to urinate more often, even if little comes out.

Dry Mouth

Your mouth should be constantly moist, this is one of the roles of saliva. The constant moisture helps to neutralize the acid produced when sugar and bacteria meet. In effect, this reduces the likelihood of decay. In addition, the saliva removes excess bacteria.

If you’re suffering from dry mouth then the bacteria aren’t being removed and there is a greater likelihood of tooth decay.

A dry mouth can simply be a result of dehydration. In short, you need to drink more. But, it can also be a symptom of a variety of other diseases, you need to get it checked out.

Sweet Breath

In some ways, this may not seem that bad, after all, most people like the smell of sweets. But, sweet-smelling breath can be overpowering and is usually a sign of diabetes.

Diabetes happens when your body no longer produces enough insulin to maintain the right sugar levels. This can cause an array of issues. Other symptoms include tiredness, constantly feeling thirsty, vision issues, hunger, dry skin, tiredness, and even weight loss.

Tooth Decay

Unsurprisingly, bad breath can simply be a sign that you have tooth decay. As bacteria break down your cells they will create a rotting aroma. You’ll need dental treatment to clean the area and repair the damage.

But, you should also note that recent studies have discovered a connection between oral health and overall health. Poor oral health can allow infections and plaque into your bloodstream. Having tooth decay can be a sign that you have an infection or your arteries are becoming clogged. That means it’s important to have regular check-ups to catch any issues early.