How To Write Essays’ Paragraphs 



If you want your readers to come back for more, then you must be ready to learn how to write essays for money that are enticing. Some people fail to deliver whatever they have at hand merely because they write boring paragraphs. Such paragraphs do not draw the attention of readers.

How to Write Paragraphs – The 3 Important Components

A good essay has various components that you should ponder whenever you sit down to write. These include:

  • Visual
  • Structure
  • Content

These components ensure that there is flow so that your readers can get motivated and continue reading.

Write paragraphs that will make readers come back for more.

To expound on each of them, here are some silver-bullet tips that you should always consider.

Visual Tips

The visual aspect of your paragraphs is imperative in the sense that it makes the readability of your content quite easier. To achieve this, make use of the following tips.

Avoid indenting your paragraphs

Indentation is the creation of distance from either the right or the left of a paragraph. You can increase the indentation of a paragraph within the margins or choose to decrease it. Other types of indentation include negative indentation and hanging indentation.

To make your work more readable, write your paragraphs ‘flushed left’ and with spaces between them. 

Use short paragraphs

If you put yourself in the shoes of a reader, you will realize how important white spaces on a particular page means. You would feel relieved and energized to continue reading. The visual effect that comes with spaces is a breathing room, and hence the need to keep your paragraphs short.

Your reader wants to read short and at the same time informative paragraphs. They can be one sentence or even a single word. You can even go ahead and break one grammatical rule and fragment a single paragraph.

Employ numbered lists and bullets where necessary

Instead of writing long paragraphs to explain some phenomena, why don’t you learn how to write paragraphs that contain bullets or even numbers where appropriate? For example, some of the benefits of using bullets include:

  • Greater readability
  • Visual appeal
  • Ease of comprehension
  • Clearer thinking
  • Check for overall readability

Once you write your essay, consider looking at your work from a reader’s perspective to see if it is readable. This way, you can tell whether your work is visually inviting and whether you would immediately start reading it if you came across it. To help you improve on the format you are writing on and the visual appeal, look and compare your work with other similar articles, books, or websites.

Structural Tips

Your paragraphs need to have subdivisions of logical sections. It is through these sections that the readers make sense out of your work. Three factors make your work to be simple and precise. They include:


Paragraph development is all about ensuring that your main idea is well defined. You can achieve this through:

Using examples

Examples come in handy in clarifying what you mean as you highlight typical cases.

Writing chronologically

Make your arguments clear by writing about events in the order they followed to occur.

Process steps

If you are writing about certain steps to achieve a particular outcome, make sure that you give a sequential series of steps.


Your paragraphs should make internal sense as you move logically from one point to another. The sentences, phrases as well as words you use should proceed smoothly and in a logical manner. When your ideas are properly interwoven, the reader can decipher the consistent relationship between them.


Bridging is a transitioning technique that involves linking one paragraph to the next by creating a flow. It forms a natural continuation, alluring your readers to continue reading. To achieve this, you can write one big paragraph and look for the right place to break it up into two or more paragraphs.

Alternatively, you can lightly touch on an idea in one paragraph, and talk about it in detail in the next one. Asking a question at the end of a particular paragraph is also an effective way.

Content Tips

Use simple, short, and clear words

When writing for people, make sure that your content is meant for human beings and not robots. Obscure language tends to be confusing and takes a lot of time to capture. If necessary, you can deliver your message in the form of poetry.

Poems are simple and do not have to adhere to specific standards. You can, therefore, leverage them in trying to refine your focus as you draft your paragraphs.

Vary the length of your sentences

The length of sentences can engage or disengage readers. Albeit they bring along some degree of clarity, same length sentences may get monotonous.

You should write paragraphs with varied sentence lengths, long and short interchangeably. However, when writing an introduction to your posts, always try to keep your first sentence short.

Embrace the active voice

Passive voice tends to be wordy.  Don’t try to make yourself sound more intelligent by using passive voice. When using the active voice, the subject of the sentence does an action to an object.

For example, ‘the cat ate the rat.’ In a passive voice, the object becomes the subject, and it’s acted upon. ‘The rat was eaten by the cat.’

As a writer, you can choose to make your work readable or not. With the above-highlighted tips on how to write paragraphs, you should be able to deliver amazing content that readers relish. All you need is a lot of practice.

About the author: Alissa Zucker is a writer at Mcessay writing service. She is interested in reading classic and psychological books which give her inspiration to write her own articles and short stories.